The Ultimate Saguaro National Park Quiz
by Staff
Saguaro National Park is one of Arizona's desert wonders. Established relatively recently, it offers great hiking trails, lovely mountain peaks, abundant wildlife and a rich world of plant life. Take this quiz to learn more about visiting this ultimately cool desert park.

How old is Saguaro National Park?

  • less than 30 years old
  • less than 60 years old
  • less than 100 years old

In the suburbs of which city is Saguaro National Park located?

  • Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Tucson, Arizona

What plant exists in abundance in Saguaro National Park?

  • jojoba
  • coneflower
  • saguaro cactus

What do Rincon Mountain District and Tucson Mountain District have in common at Saguaro National Park?

  • They are both names of lakes there.
  • They are both names of forests there.
  • They are both names of visitor centers there.

How many lodging areas are located in Saguaro National Park?

  • none
  • five
  • eight

How tall can a saguaro cactus grow?

  • 20 feet high (six meters) high
  • 50 feet (15 meters) high
  • 75 feet (23 meters) high

The majority of the national park area is located in:

  • Saguaro East
  • Saguaro West
  • Saguaro North

In which desert is Saguaro National Park located?

  • Tule Desert
  • Sonoran Desert
  • Painted Desert

What animals inhabit the giant Saguaro cactus?

  • rodents, honey bees, Gila woodpecker
  • elf owl, gilded flicker, Lucy's warbler
  • both of the above

Which mountains rise over 8,000 feet (2,438 meters) in Saguaro National Park?

  • Castle Dome Mountains
  • Belmont Mountains
  • Rincon Mountains

Why do people recommend hiking in the Sonoran Desert between late March and early May?

  • because the hiking trails are only dry during those months
  • because the wildflower displays are at their peak
  • because the weather is cool then

What is another name for the low, rocky slopes in Saguaro National Park?

  • tundras
  • bajadas
  • arroyos

When do the giant saguaro cacti bloom?

  • before the summer season
  • after the fall season
  • during the winter season

What can you do at Valley View Overlook?

  • climb up a mountain cliff face
  • see spectacular views of the mountains, desert and forests
  • snowboard or ski

In what way are Cactus Garden and Desert Ecology similar?

  • They are walking trails in the park.
  • They have no similarity whatsoever.
  • They are names of plants.

How much average rainfall is there at Saguaro National Park?

  • 12 inches (30 centimeters) per year
  • 20 inches (50 centimeters) per year
  • 30 inches (76 centimeters) per year

In what part of the saguaro cactus is water stored?

  • in the pink blossoms
  • in the roots
  • in gelatinous tissue

How does the jackrabbit stay cool?

  • It stays underground most of the time.
  • It uses its ears as radiators.
  • It burrows inside the saguaro cactus.

In the Sonoran Desert, there are archeological remains of an ancient people. Who are they?

  • Hohokam Indians
  • Tohono O'odham Indians
  • Siouan Indians

The higher you climb in Saguaro National Park, the _____ it is.

  • cooler and drier
  • hotter and drier
  • cooler and wetter