The Ultimate Salmon Fishing Quiz
by Staff
Salmon fishing looks so idyllic when shown in movies and television--a man in hip waders standing in a rushing river. Actually, several popular methods of salmon fishing are practiced from a boat. Take this quiz to find out more about good salmon fishing techniques.

What is the most efficient way to fish salmon from a boat?

  • downrigger
  • fly fishing
  • planer board

Why is a downrigger the most efficient way to fish salmon from a boat?

  • fish in deeper waters
  • use more than one line
  • both answers

When is a long-arm downrigger required to fish?

  • water depths greater than 10 feet
  • water depths greater than 15 feet
  • water depths greater than 22 feet

What kind of crank is a portable and less expensive option for downrigging?

  • electric
  • manual
  • neither answer

How big was the largest salmon catch on record?

  • 85 pounds
  • 97.4 pounds
  • 105 pounds

What kind of waterway is a good choice for using a planer board?

  • Great Lakes
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean

What are planer boards constructed of?

  • aluminum
  • wood
  • both answers

What equipment do you use to fly fish?

  • boat
  • hip waders
  • both answers

When is the spawning season for salmon?

  • spring and fall
  • summer and winter
  • spring only

What type of fishing rod is longer and more flexible?

  • spinning reel
  • bait-casting reel
  • fly fishing pole

What do the fly-fishing flies resemble?

  • minnow
  • herring
  • both answers

What is trolling?

  • fishing from a dock
  • fishing from a moving boat
  • fishing while standing in a river

When trolling, from what part of the boat should you cast your line?

  • front
  • side
  • both answers

How long may you need to battle a large salmon to bring it in?

  • five minutes
  • one hour
  • neither answer

If your salmon tastes dense and dry, what happened?

  • overcooked
  • old salmon
  • both answers

Where can you float fish?

  • boat
  • dock
  • both answers

What fishing method allows you to cast into weeds or lilies?

  • trolling
  • float fishing
  • neither answer

What other animals also like to eat salmon?

  • bears
  • seals
  • both answers

What bait do salmon prefer?

  • egg sacks
  • herring
  • minnow

Where can you procure egg sacks?

  • bait shops
  • collect them yourself
  • both answers