The Ultimate Salmon Locations Quiz
by Staff
The complex navigation system used by the salmon on its long journey to spawn in natal waters is a wonder of nature. Fortunately, salmon fishermen can follow these migrations to land a few salmon, which you will be better equipped to do after you take this quiz.

What distance do some salmon travel to reach their natal waters?

  • 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers)
  • 2,000 miles (3,218 kilometers)
  • 1,000 miles (1,609 kilometers)

What is the major difference between Atlantic salmon and Pacific salmon?

  • Atlantic salmon often spawn in suitable locations along the way
  • Of the two, the Pacific salmon is regarded as being far more succulent than the Atlantic salmon.
  • Pacific salmon spawn and die.

How many species of Pacific salmon are there?

  • seven
  • six
  • five

How is salmon season determined?

  • seasons of the year
  • readiness of the salmon to spawn
  • local game and parks commission

What determines the length of the salmon season?

  • traditionally four weeks
  • amount of salmon available
  • spawning period of the salmon

What was the shortest salmon season?

  • Two weeks in 2007 in Delaware.
  • One week in 2005 in Alaska.
  • No season in 2008 in California.

Which is the first spring salmon run?

  • sockeye
  • Chinook
  • pink

What is the claim to fame, in terms of salmon fishing, of the West Branch Penobscot River?

  • largest concentration of pink salmon
  • holds record for biggest sockeye salmon
  • rated as one of top 5 spring salmon waters

When the ice breaks and temperatures are low at Lakes Michigan and Huron, what do you need to catch salmon?

  • patience
  • luck
  • live bait

How many Chinook salmon were anticipated to cross the Lower Granite Dam in 2008?

  • 50000
  • 100000
  • 150000

What type of tackle do anglers use in spring on Lake Michigan?

  • spinners
  • crankbait
  • flies

Where do anglers find salmon in summer?

  • shallow waters
  • deep waters
  • near spawning grounds

Since salmon mature in the ocean after being born in freshwater, what happens in completely landlocked areas like South Dakota?

  • They remain in the fisheries for breeding.
  • The mature salmon are transported to ocean waters.
  • The salmon remain in the landlocked freshwater.

What is the main natural phenomenon that contributes to successful salmon fishing?

  • seasons of the year
  • spawning
  • natural hunger and curiosity

Considering the growing popularity of salmon fishing and the dwindling numbers, what is the role of fisheries or hatcheries?

  • They are purely commercial enterprises.
  • They contribute to conservation.
  • They are harmful to conservation since they encourage fishing.

Which pacific salmon are regarded as the tastiest?

  • coho
  • chum
  • sockeye

Where can you find salmon all year round?

  • Cowlitz River, Oregon
  • Sacramento River, Northern California
  • Alaska

What happens to the sockeye in the fall?

  • They are hungrier and easier to catch
  • They change color.
  • They are found in deeper water and are more difficult to catch.

Where would you go to fish for salmon in upstate New York?

  • Sandy Creek
  • Oak Orchard Region
  • Salmon River

Where would you find the two-day winter Salmon Festival?

  • Tobacco River, Eureka
  • Homer, Alaska
  • Puget Sound, Washington