The Ultimate Salmon Population Quiz
by Staff
Millions of people throughout the world enjoy the special flavor of salmon, which is considered a delicacy and demands a premium price. However, if we are not careful, this species of fish will disappear forever. Take our quiz on the salmon population and learn more about ways that can help preserve this special fish for future generations.

In what percentage of streams in California, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho where salmon once swarmed are this fish now extinct?

  • 30 percent
  • 40 percent
  • 50 percent

What did anglers formerly say about the rivers full of wild salmon?

  • cross over rivers on the fish’s backs
  • boats rode on the fish’s backs
  • one could not see the water

By what percentage did Atlantic salmon catches drop between 1970 and 2000?

  • 55 percent
  • 70 percent
  • 80 percent

What percentage of the salmon population is endangered in the UK?

  • 52 percent
  • 41 percent
  • 33 percent

What is even more troubling about the salmon decline than the loss of the species?

  • baseline species
  • keystone species
  • anchor species

How many species of predators use salmon as their main source of sustenance?

  • 137
  • 156
  • 179

What is perhaps a surprising benefit of having an abundance of salmon population in the waterways, even when they die?

  • significant source of food for vultures and scavengers
  • significant source of nutrients and fertilizer
  • significant source of food for shellfish

Will salmon still spawn if they cannot reach the spawning grounds where they were hatched?

  • less than 40 percent will spawn somewhere else
  • no, they will die without spawning
  • yes, they will simply find another spot

What do researchers call the primary reasons for the decline of salmon populations?

  • four Hs
  • four Ss
  • four Rs

How many species of salmon are there?

  • fourteen
  • nine
  • six

What is the first of the four Hs affecting salmon populations?

  • habitat
  • harvest
  • hatchery

As an example of harvest problems, what was the quota that Canada placed on Atlantic salmon catches in 1917, when an estimated 8 million salmon were expected to return to their rivers?

  • 8.2 million
  • 7.3 million
  • 6.9 million

What is one place that is an exception to the allowance of overfishing of salmon by governments?

  • Alaska
  • United Kingdom
  • Iceland

Does eating farmed salmon rather than wild-caught salmon help sustain the wild salmon population?

  • Choosing farmed salmon does not make any impact on wild salmon stocks.
  • Choosing farmed salmon is very beneficial to improving wild salmon stocks.
  • Choosing farmed salmon from unethical farms actually harms wild salmon stocks.

What is the best label to look for when purchasing salmon?

  • FFS
  • MCS
  • WWF

Another of the four Hs harming salmon stocks is hatcheries. What problem could hatcheries cause?

  • weak genes in released fish
  • parasites and diseases more prevalent
  • both of the above

Is there any correlation between the location of fish hatcheries near wild salmon populations and decreased numbers?

  • Research shows a decline in wild salmon populations of over 50 percent adjacent to salmon hatcheries.
  • Research shows a decline in wild salmon populations of over 40 percent adjacent to salmon hatcheries.
  • Research shows a decline in wild salmon populations of over 30 percent adjacent to salmon hatcheries.

What issue in spawning areas can have a devastating consequence on the number of salmon that reproduce?

  • overgrowth of bulrushes
  • increased sedimentation
  • decreased water levels due to drought

What happened in the Snake River Basin of Oregon, Washington and Idaho to cause the extinction of Clearwater Coho salmon?

  • wastewater from a coal generating plant
  • an accidental chemical spill
  • construction of a dam

What is a final trend that conservationists believe caused a major blow to salmon populations?

  • global warming
  • overfishing prompted by huge freezer ships
  • leaking oil from poorly sealed offshore wells