The Ultimate Salmon Spawning Quiz
by Staff
One of the more memorable scenes in nature shows we've all watched at one time or another is the sight of large salmon swimming and leaping upstream to spawn. Take this quiz and learn more about the life of the salmon.

What is the purpose of a redd?

  • resting place after spawning
  • gravel nest for eggs
  • shelter from predators

What happens when the embryos hatch?

  • They become yolk-sac fry.
  • The female takes care of them until they can fend for themselves.
  • The young fish begin to feed on underwater vegetation.

What kind of marine life provides sustenance for alevins?

  • algae
  • plants
  • yolk-sacs

What are smolts?

  • young female salmon
  • juvenile salmon
  • young sea-water salmon

Do the salmon born in freshwater have to remain there?

  • They do.
  • It depends on whether their parents were saltwater or freshwater fish.
  • They change physically to adapt to saltwater.

What does the spotted coloring of the salmon indicate?

  • young salmon living in streams
  • sexually mature young salmon
  • the salmon is ready to migrate to the ocean

What happens to their appearance before the salmon reach the ocean?

  • Fins grow larger to cope with ocean currents.
  • Teeth become sharper to hunt smaller fish.
  • They become silvery.

What kind of water do smolts prefer?

  • freshwater
  • warm saltwater
  • deep saltwater

What happens to most species after spawning?

  • return to their usual habitats
  • feed hungrily and become easy prey
  • die from exhaustion

What danger do decomposing fish bodies pose for a freshwater stream?

  • pollute the water
  • drive away other fish
  • actually beneficial

What is unusual about pink salmon spawning in Washington State?

  • odd-numbered years
  • spring
  • summer

What is the record weight of a Chinook salmon?

  • 15 pounds (6.8 kg)
  • 31 pounds (
  • 135 pounds (61 kg)

What differentiates Chinook from Coho, Chum or Sockeye salmon apart from size?

  • The Chinook spawn all year round.
  • They have spring and summer runs.
  • They don't swim against the current to spawn.

Do any species of salmon spawn mainly in spring?

  • Steelhead
  • none
  • Pink salmon

How can flooding resulting from overly abundant rains affect salmon spawning?

  • More water means more food, which is good for spawning.
  • Flooding deepens the waters and expands potential spawning grounds.
  • Flooding can wash away eggs.

What happens in an ecosystem where salmon have become extinct?

  • Other species of fish flourish.
  • Entire ecosystem is at risk.
  • There is a higher risk of pollution.

Of all the eggs laid by the female, how many survive to return later to spawn?

  • one in 1,000
  • 10 in 1,000
  • 50 in 1,000

What do salmon tend to look for in spawning grounds?

  • warm waters with dense vegetation
  • water with no woody debris
  • clean, cool water with gravel

Why would the pink and chum salmon migrate to saltwater immediately after hatching?

  • They are saltwater fish and cannot survive for long in freshwater.
  • They have greater chances of survival in the ocean.
  • The freshwater hampers their growth.

What kind of reel is best for fly fishing?

  • 150 yards (137 meters) of 20-pound test backing
  • 200 yards (182 meters) of 15-pound test backing
  • 250 yards (228 meters) of 30-pound test backing