The Ultimate Salvage Title Quiz
by Staff
Think you're a savvy car buyer? This quiz will put your knowledge to the test. Salvage titles present complications that can make or break even the most promising car deals. Click on to see how much you know about this aspect of car buying.

At what point is a car considered totaled in most states?

  • when the cost to repair exceeds the total cost of the car
  • when the cost to repair exceeds 50 percent of the car's value
  • when the cost to repair exceeds 75 percent of the car's value

Why do most states require an inspection before issuing a rebuilt title?

  • The inspection helps highway patrolmen identify cars that could be problems in the future.
  • The inspection checks for roadworthiness and ensures no stolen parts were used in the repairs.
  • The inspection isn't mandatory, but it can lower your insurance rates.

Can you drive a car with a salvage title?

  • yes, as long as you've checked the vehicle for safety
  • no, a salvage title always marks a car as unsafe for the road
  • Most states limit how a salvage-titled car can be used and may require an inspection or new title for road use.

How can a buyer spot flood damage in a car?

  • Look for rust on the hood or the tops of the door frames.
  • Flood damage is impossible to spot, so avoid buying cars from flood-prone areas.
  • Silt and rust in low spots on the frame, door panels and seals can indicate flood or water damage.

How can a vehicle identification number (VIN) help you evaluate a used car?

  • The VIN can tell you when and where a car was built.
  • The VIN can help you track the major events in a vehicle's history, such as accident repairs and sales.
  • The VIN is only useful for insurance and parts-identification purposes.

Your state has a "parts only" rule for salvage-titled cars. What does that mean?

  • You can't make a salvage-title car roadworthy again.
  • The salvaged car must undergo an inspection before it can be retitled for the road.
  • The salvaged car only needs a few parts before it's roadworthy again.

Where can you legally purchase a salvaged vehicle?

  • Some states regulate this more than others.
  • Only at state-sanctioned salvage auctions.
  • Anyone can buy and sell salvage-titled vehicles.

When might a car in excellent shape get a salvage title?

  • The car may have been fraudulently salvaged, as part of a "scrap-and-flip" scheme.
  • The car may have been stolen, then recovered after the insurer compensated the victim.
  • The car probably has damage, but the seller hid it in order to sell the car.

True or false: Aftermarket accessories can earn a car a salvage title.

  • true
  • false

What's important to consider when purchasing a salvage-titled car?

  • how you'll get the car home
  • if you'll be able to store it without violating community ordinances
  • both of the above