The Ultimate San Francisco Quiz
by Staff
Among the many great vacation spots on the West Coast of the United States is the lovely city of San Francisco. Surrounded by water, and built on a series of hills, San Francisco enjoys unique weather and breathtaking vistas. Add to that world-class restaurants, museums, the country's only mobile landmark, and even a famous prison, and you have a city like no other. Take our quiz to learn more about the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Approximately how many people visit San Francisco each year?

  • 8 million
  • 16 million
  • 24 million

How large is San Francisco?

  • 14 square miles
  • 25 square miles
  • 47 square miles

How many hills make up the San Francisco landscape?

  • 31
  • 43
  • 61

One end of which of these famous bridges is located in San Francisco?

  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • London Bridge

How high are San Francisco's Twin Peaks?

  • 300 feet above sea level
  • 600 feet above sea level
  • 900 feet above sea level

When does summer occur in San Francisco?

  • December to February
  • early July to mid-September
  • late August to late October

Which of these is the main airport for the San Francisco area?

  • Mineta San Jose International Airport
  • Oakland International Airport
  • San Francisco International Airport.

About how much will a cab from San Francisco International to the heart of the city cost you?

  • $15 to $20
  • $40 to $50
  • 85 to $100

The subway system in the San Francisco area is known as what?

  • Bay Area Transit System (BART)
  • California Transit System (CaRT)
  • Direct Access Transit System (DART)

How much does a BART ride cost?

  • $1.40 to $7
  • $4 to $12
  • $8 to $15

The form of transportation most closely associated with San Francisco is what?

  • automobile
  • cable car
  • skate board

How much does it cost to ride a San Francisco cable car?

  • The cable cars are free because they are a national landmark.
  • The cable cars cost $1 per ride.
  • The cable cars cost $5 per ride.

Why do you need to plan trips that involve crossing the bay bridge?

  • The Bay Bridge has very expensive tolls.
  • The Bay Bridge is under construction.
  • The Bay Bridge requires users to have a membership.

When are the Chinese New Year festivities held in San Francisco?

  • December
  • January
  • February

What is the name of the area in San Francisco where the Cherry Blossom Festival is held?

  • China Town
  • Japan Town
  • Korea Town

What is the name of San Francisco's football team?

  • The California Rushers
  • The San Francisco 49ers
  • The West Coast Offense

Which famous former prison is located on an island in the San Francisco Bay?

  • Folsom
  • San Quentin
  • Alcatraz

How large is Golden Gate Park?

  • 100 acres
  • 1,000 acres
  • 10,000 acres

Presidio Golf Course was renovated by which of these famous golfers?

  • Arnold Palmer
  • Jack Nicklaus
  • Tiger Woods

San Francisco is often referred to by which of these nicknames?

  • The Windy City
  • The City by the Bay
  • The City that Never Sleeps