The Ultimate Save the Rainforest Quiz
by Staff
Everyone is talking green these days, but do you know that we also have to take extra steps to help save the worlds rainforests? Developing countries that are anxious to produce cash crops are rapidly destroying valuable rainforests. The world’s rainforests help sustain our delicate ecological balance and we will be in big trouble if we do not preserve them. Take this quiz now to learn how to help save the rainforests.

What is the significance of rainforests to the rest of the Earth?

  • Rainforests are the lungs of the world absorbing pollution and creating oxygen to sustain the planet.
  • Rainforests help to stabilize climate and to moderate our weather.
  • Both of the above are true of rain forests.

How quickly can a rain forest regenerate to its former diversity after it has been logged?

  • about 4,000 years
  • about 1,500 years
  • about 800 years

Deforestation of the rainforests is a chronic problem; but with so many rainforests in the world, will it really make a difference to us?

  • Rainforests are growing back as quickly as they are disappearing.
  • There will be rainforests long after our generation is gone from the earth.
  • At the rate rainforests are being cut down humans could see the end to our world’s rainforests in our lifetime.

What technique employed by loggers is detrimental to rainforest sustainability?

  • stump capping
  • slash and burn
  • selective harvesting

Since most rainforests are in developing countries, what can consumers do to bring about change when the rainforests are not located in their own countries?

  • Exert pressure on companies using products from rainforests to employ sustainability practices.
  • Reward businesses that ensure rainforest products are harvested employing sustainability practices.
  • Both of the above are ways to promote solid environmental practices are employed in rainforests.

How much rainforest is actually cut down?

  • an acre is cut down every two seconds
  • an acre is cut down every 10 minutes
  • an acre is cut down every hour

A rainforest plant is the source one of the world’s most powerful anticancer drugs, what plant is the drug Vincristine made with?

  • papaya
  • periwinkle
  • curare

What percentage of plants named by the National Cancer Institute for their property to help protect against cancer come from rainforests?

  • 50 percent
  • 60 percent
  • 70 percent

What is something about most rainforests that is hard for the average person to conceive?

  • There is a phenomenal amount of unexplored rainforest where no human has ever set foot.
  • There are indigenous undiscovered peoples untouched by civilization living traditional lives in rainforests.
  • Both of the above statements are correct.

What database contains volumes of information about the plants we should use to heal and enrich lives?

  • the U.S International Botanical Database in the National Archives
  • inside the heads of indigenous Medicine Men
  • the World Health Organization Database in Geneva