Scalp Ringworm Quiz
by Staff
Scalp ringworm my sound gross, but it's surprisingly easy to treat. Find out all about scalp ringworm prevention and treatment in this quiz.uu

Which group of school-age children are most likely to contract ringworm of the scalp?

  • pre-schoolers
  • grade-schoolers
  • high-schoolers

What is a likely way of contracting ringworm of the scalp?

  • person-to-person contact
  • person-to-animal contact
  • Both ways are likely.

What type of parasite is ringworm?

  • external parasite
  • internal parasite
  • It's not a parasite.

There are two types of ringworm that can affect the scalp. What are they?

  • small-spore ringworm and large-spore ringworm
  • soft-spore ringworm and hard-spore ringworm
  • There aren't two types of ringworm.

In addition to a ring-like appearance, what is another telltale sign of a ringworm infection?

  • bleeding
  • bald spots
  • a green tint to the skin

How does a doctor diagnose ringworm?

  • with a blood test
  • through visual examination of the scalp
  • by having hair samples observed under a microscope

What is the most common treatment of ringworm of the scalp?

  • an antibiotic medication
  • an antifungal medication
  • an antiviral medication

Antifungal medications are most likely to be given in which form?

  • pill
  • cream
  • injection

A common complementary treatment for ringworm of the scalp uses an antifungal in which form?

  • a spray
  • a hair mask
  • a shampoo

How long will it take hair in the bald patches to grow back once ringworm treatment is completed?

  • three to four weeks
  • six to 12 months
  • two years