The Ultimate Scams Tourists Always Fall For Quiz
by Staff
Millions of Americans travel abroad each year, many of them falling victim to scam artists. To avoid being a victim when traveling, it's important to be aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts and take appropriate precautions. Take our quiz and learn what you need to know about avoiding scam artists when traveling abroad.

How many Americans traveled overseas in 2008?

  • more than 15 million
  • more than 25 million
  • more than 35 million

When traveling in a foreign country, beware of scam artists posing as:

  • police officers
  • teachers
  • lifeguards

In a typical scam, fake police officers may tell you they want to check your wallet for:

  • credit cards
  • foreign currency
  • counterfeit bills

_____ often divert your attention by creating a distraction.

  • good Samaritans
  • pickpockets
  • cashiers

When traveling, always carry your valuables:

  • in your pocketbook
  • in your back pocket
  • in a pouch under your clothes

When changing currency in a foreign country, _____ change money at authorized centers.

  • always
  • sometimes
  • never

Pickpockets are _____ well dressed and affluent in appearance.

  • always
  • sometimes
  • never

In foreign countries, _____ may try to cheat you when you pay your fare.

  • bus drivers
  • taxi drivers
  • train conductors

When using taxis in foreign countries, it is preferable to:

  • Have the concierge at your hotel call a taxi for you.
  • Make travel arrangements in advance.
  • either of the above

Which type of con artists pretend to offer assistance before ripping you off?

  • good Samaritans
  • true Samaritans
  • honest Samaritans