Test Your Knowledge: Scientific Name or Gibberish?
by Staff
Most of us think of scientific names as the nonsense we scan right over when reading textbooks. But you're missing out on a world of fun if you're ignoring italics. Take this quiz to discover some truly entertaining scientific names.

What's the foul-sounding scientific name of this Tibetan fowl?

  • Sulfurus odourinum
  • Rottinius ovum
  • Turdus maximus

What criminally underrated guitarist has a freaking dinosaur named after him?

  • Sammy hagarsaurus
  • Masiakasaurus knopfleri
  • John mayerasaurus

What real scientific name could Bart Simpson use when calling Moe's Tavern?

  • Aman dahuginkiss
  • Pinus rigida
  • Seymour butz

What cheekily-named red algae fossil is a nod to its distinction as the oldest fossil form of multicelleular life -- and thus reproduction?

  • Lustilia continuous
  • Premierius amorous
  • Bangiomorpha pubescens

What beautiful, dark orchid takes its name from a fictional villain?

  • Wylie coyotus
  • Minimus quasimodo
  • Dracula nosferatu

What dinosaur's scientific name references Harry Potter's universe?

  • Gringottsia raptor
  • Butterbeerasaurus
  • Dracorex hogwartsia

What animal has the scientific genus name of <i>sirenia</i>, based on an early belief that they were the sirens of myth -- despite their rotund body and not-so-pretty face?

  • cows
  • sea cows and manatees
  • raccoons

What spider's scientific name sounds like some sort of magic fairyland?

  • Abracadabrella birdsville
  • Open sesameland
  • Tricky funtown

What does the jellyfish <i>Csiromedusa medeopolis</i> species name actually mean?

  • place of Medusa's head
  • ancient land of moistness
  • city of gonads

What musician does NOT have any plants or animals named in their honor?

  • Lady Gaga -- Gaga germanotta
  • Lou Reed -- Loureedia
  • Mariah Carey --Mariah nymphalidae