The Ultimate Scuba-Diving Cat Quiz
by Staff
If you've never tried scuba diving, you're going to feel all wet compared to the world's first scuba-diving dog and cat. Jump in the water and take this quiz to learn about these unique scuba-diving pets.

How long had Gene Alba been scuba diving when he thought of the idea of scuba diving for his dog, Mutley?

  • eight years
  • 15 years
  • 20 years

Why did Alba sew pockets into Mutley's wet suit?

  • to furnish a pretty adornment for his favorite dog
  • to have a place for weights
  • to strengthen the wet suit

What material is Mutley's head gear made from?

  • Plexiglas
  • Silicone
  • Pyrex

Where did Alba try out his scuba-diving dog before taking her to the ocean?

  • at the local public swimming pool
  • in his backyard pool
  • inside his super-sized bathtub

Aside from scuba diving, in what other respect is Mutley like no other animal?

  • She can swim great distances.
  • She eats fish as her staple food.
  • She is the only animal to have won an Emmy award.

Under what circumstances did Alba find a stray cat, later named Hawkeye?

  • She was tangled up in chicken wire near his house and Mutley alerted him to her predicament.
  • She was lying in a gutter nearby as he was on his way to do a scuba diving filming session.
  • She followed him home one day from the park and he adopted her.

How did Alba notice that Hawkeye wasn't afraid of the water?

  • She would jump into the bathtub with Mutley.
  • She would mew pleadingly when he would take Mutley scuba diving.
  • She would jump freely into the backyard pool.

Why is swimming good for Hawkeye's health?

  • because it keeps her coat glowing with health
  • because it's a good way for the overweight cat to exercise
  • because it prevents her from harboring fleas

When Alba designed Hawkeye's wet suit, what did he have to consider?

  • that she should be able to put her own suit on by herself
  • that she wouldn't look too odd
  • that it wouldn't squeeze her body too much

Why doesn't Mutley have to worry about the bends?

  • because she stays close to the surface
  • because animals aren't affected by this condition
  • because she has an inbuilt system that combats the "bends"

What are wet suits usually made of?

  • Polartec
  • authentic rubber
  • neoprene, a synthetic rubber

How many pounds of lead weight are fitted into Hawkeye's wet suit?

  • 8-10 pounds (3.6-4.6 kilos)
  • 12-14 pounds (5.5-6.4 kilos)
  • 16-18 pounds (7.3-8.2 kilos)

Aside from gluing the helmet onto the rest of the suit, how did Alba ensure that the seal remained watertight?

  • He painted on a rubber sealant.
  • He caulked the outside of the helmet.
  • He devised a vacuum system for any water that leaked in.

What is the purpose of Mutley's and Hawkeye's compressed air tanks?

  • as backups if the other system (from Alba's tank) fails
  • to keep their breathing apparatus pressurized
  • to give them a sense of safety

Mutley's scuba diving equipment cost $40,000. How much did Hawkeye's cost?

  • half that
  • double that
  • about the same

How proficient is Hawkeye at swimming underwater?

  • reasonably proficient
  • not very proficient
  • very proficient

What is Alba's explanation for Hawkeye's ease in the water?

  • He thinks she's learned to love it because of her affection for Mutley.
  • He thinks she's a natural, born waterbaby.
  • He thinks it relaxes her with a feeling of weightlessness.

When people heard about Mutley and Hawkeye, they requested that Alba make scuba diving suits for their pets. Did he do so?

  • Yes, he made some.
  • No, he didn't make any.
  • No, but he tried.

Why is the Caribbean region ideal for Hawkeye?

  • because of the warm water temperature
  • because the waters are clear
  • because there is no surf

When people doubt Alba's treatment of animals, he assures them that:

  • it is safe and they both love to dive
  • they would do the same thing in his place
  • he really loves animals even though he treats them badly