Secrets of Your Deed Quiz
by Staff
Deeds are complex legal documents. And they come with restrictions, sometimes to the surprise of the property buyers. How much do you know about deed restrictions and the unexpected ways they can control the way you're allowed to use your property?

What is a restrictive covenant?

  • a binding agreement about the use of property between multiple landowners
  • a restriction on how a property can be used, imposed by the local government
  • a ban on a property being sold without agreement by the neighbors

What is the difference between a restrictive covenant and a deed restriction?

  • A restrictive covenant is mandatory, and a deed restriction is optional.
  • A restrictive covenant is optional, and a deed restriction is mandatory.
  • There is no real difference.

True or False: Restrictive covenants are always listed and explained in full in the text of a deed.

  • TRUE

Which party of a property transaction do restrictive covenants apply?

  • the buyer, after he or she buys the land
  • the seller, after he or she sells the land
  • all of the above

What does the phrase "runs with the land" mean, referring to restrictive covenants?

  • that the restrictions apply to the land itself, not any specific owner
  • that the restrictions apply to any land that the initial owner buys in the future
  • that the restrictions apply to all land adjacent to the plot whose deed has the restrictive covenants

What type of organization typically creates restrictive covenants today?

  • homeowners associations
  • local governments
  • the federal government

What is the primary purpose of restrictive covenants?

  • to keep undesirable people from moving in
  • to maintain property values
  • to prevent crime

In what year did the U.S. Supreme Court rule that restrictive covenants attempting to exclude property owners of a certain race or religion unconstitutional?

  • 1948
  • 1965
  • 1980

True or False: Despite the Supreme Court's decision in Shelley V. Kraemer, many active restrictive covenants still contain racially discriminatory language.

  • TRUE

When is a restrictive covenant legally unenforceable?

  • when the terms of the restrictions are too vague to be enforced
  • when the terms of the restrictions are too strict to be reasonably obeyed
  • when the people who first agreed to the covenant are dead

True or False: Restrictive covenants can never expire.

  • TRUE

What action can homeowners associations take to release property owners from a deed restriction?

  • They can grant a variance or waiver.
  • They can help them apply to the city government to have the restriction removed.
  • They cannot take any action to release them.

True or False: Restrictive covenants can be dissolved if all the involved parties agree to dissolve them.

  • TRUE

What type of animal can be barred from a home or neighborhood by deed restrictions?

  • livestock only
  • rabid animals only
  • any type of animal

How can you convince a judge to overturn a deed restriction barring commercial use of residential property?

  • by proving that the restriction infringes on your personal right to earn an income
  • by first applying to the city for a permit
  • it is impossible to have such a restriction overturned

True or False: If you build a house that violates deed restrictions, an injunction could force you to make changes to your new home.

  • TRUE

Which of these amenities on a property, other than the house itself, can deed restrictions affect?

  • outbuildings, like sheds and garages
  • pools
  • both of the above

True or False: It is illegal for a deed restriction to limit what color you can paint your house.

  • TRUE

In some municipalities, deed restrictions limit the amount of bedrooms that homes can have, for what reason?

  • to control the population
  • to prevent stress on the sanitation infrastructure
  • to comply with fire codes

Vacation neighborhoods often put deed restrictions in place to protect what aspect of homeowner's properties?

  • the view
  • the amount of sunshine
  • the quality of the air