Quiz: Are you too self-conscious?
by Staff
Some people can laugh off a potential faux paus, while others dwell on it for days -- or even years. How self-conscious do you feel -- and what's normal? Test your knowledge and learn how to combat self-consciousness with this quiz.

You're single and chatting with a group of coworkers at lunch when one of them asks why you've never been married. What do you do?

  • excuse oneself from the table
  • go red in the face or tear up a little
  • deflect the question and refocus the attention of the group on a different topic

You're dining in an expensive restaurant and return from the restroom, getting all the way back to your table before you realize that there's a piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe. You:

  • decide to never return
  • quickly fix the problem, share a sheepish smile with anyone who's noticed and then enjoy your dinner
  • get flustered and snap at the waiter to cover your embarrassment

You're attending a stand-up comedy event with friends, but when the comedian begins to make fun of your shirt, you:

  • just slump down in your seat and then skulk out during intermission
  • laugh good-naturedly, knowing it's all part of the act
  • snipe back at the comedian by heckling

You've spent weeks preparing a presentation for a new client but just before it's time to begin, you can't remember your opening lines. You:

  • make everyone wait while you retrieve your notes
  • cancel the presentation
  • ad-lib in a personable way until you get to the meat of the presentation

You've arrived at the beach with friends, but when it's time to get in the water, you're suddenly panicked about revealing how you look in your swimsuit. You:

  • go back to your car and leave, pretending to be ill
  • decide no one is perfect and have fun with your friends
  • stay fully clothed, even though it makes you sweaty and miserable

True or false: Being self-conscious is always a negative thing.

  • TRUE

How can being self-conscious help you be a better listener?

  • It makes you more empathetic.
  • You are not easily frustrated.
  • It has no relation to interacting with others.

When you feel self-conscious, your focus is on what?

  • the people around you
  • the floor
  • yourself

What physical reaction goes hand in hand with feeling self-conscious?

  • a rush of adrenaline
  • the urge to crack your knuckles
  • a yawn

Which of the following behaviors could help you ease your self-consciousness?

  • spending more time alone
  • planning ahead to be on time
  • doing crossword puzzles

Which emotions are part and parcel of being self-conscious?

  • embarrassment, pride and guilt
  • joy, happiness and laughter
  • anger, hopelessness and expectancy

What role do other people play when someone feels self-conscious?

  • There is no link between a person's feelings of self-consciousness and other people.
  • The self-conscious person is reacting to what they imagine other people's reactions will be.
  • They point and laugh.

Which of the following is often the first step in combating self-consciousness?

  • an understanding and awareness of the problem
  • volunteering to join a speakers' bureau
  • getting a new hairstyle

How can cognitive-behavioral therapy help ease self-consciousness?

  • examine past actions in great detail
  • change the focus to present (and positive) behaviors
  • it has no impact

Which of the following is a behavioral symptom of feeling self-conscious?

  • always bringing a friend, wherever you go
  • vacationing alone
  • frequenting online dating sites

What is one way to help combat extreme self-consciousness?

  • Play more board games.
  • Learn to control your breath.
  • Avoid public speaking.

If you feel self-conscious in social situations, what should you do?

  • face your fears
  • avoid social situations
  • avoid strangers

What should you avoid eating or drinking if you typically feel self-conscious?

  • red meat and spinach
  • coffee and chocolate
  • fruit juice and herbal tea

How can an adequate night's sleep help combat self-consciousness?

  • You can sleep to avoid stressful situations.
  • When you are well-rested, you feel less anxious.
  • It makes you more receptive to new ideas.

Is there help for feeling self-conscious?

  • Yes, there are lots of ways to lessen self-consciousness.
  • Only for people who have other emotional issues, like depression.
  • No, it's a genetic trait.