Making More Space (and Money): Selling Your Used Books Quiz
by Staff
Although you might like to show off your impressive book collection, it can become too much of a hassle to maintain as the years go on. To make more space in your life (and some money in the process), consider selling your used books. How much do you know about selling used books?

According to author Michael E. Mould, about how long will it take to sell a book on if it ranks between 100,000 and 1,000,000 on the site’s sale rankings?

  • within a week
  • between a month and 18 months
  • longer than 18 months

How should you store books to keep them in good condition for resale?

  • wrapping them in newspaper
  • storing them in cardboard boxes
  • shelving them upright

What can promote the growth of mold and mildew in books?

  • humidity
  • wrapping them in plastic
  • both of the above

How do you clean mold off of books?

  • soak them in water for a few hours
  • gently brush with a chlorine bleach and water mixture
  • sear them with a blowtorch

How should you determine how much to sell your book for?

  • Take 10 percent off the original price for every year since it’s been published.
  • Check online to see how much other sellers are charging for your book.
  • Divide the number of pages by 20.

If one copy of your book is selling for as low as 3 cents on the Internet, what should you do?

  • Throw the book out -- it’s not worth the trouble of selling.
  • Sell the book for 2 cents.
  • Look at the going prices for other copies.

In addition to the condition of the book, what else should you factor into the price?

  • whether it is hardcover or paperback
  • whether you have a special edition
  • both of the above

What's a smart way to price your books at a yard sale?

  • Use the Internet to help determine going prices.
  • Charge about $4 for all paperbacks and $6 for hardcovers.
  • Price them all for a dollar or less. Browsers are unlikely to pay more for used books.

What are the consequences of describing a book in better condition than it is when selling it online?

  • There are none. Buyers take the risk.
  • The Web site could limit or terminate your account.
  • You’ll face a fine.

How much does it hurt the value of a book with missing pages?

  • A few missing page won’t make a difference.
  • A book loses about 5 percent of its value per missing page.
  • A book with missing pages is usually worth next to nothing.