The Ultimate Servingware Cleaning Quiz
by Staff
With many different types of food in the kitchen, and numerous materials that come in contact with them, various techniques are needed to keep your kitchen items clean. How can you get stains out of glassware? Is it safe to wash sterling-silver flatware in a dishwasher? Take this quiz and learn more about keeping your servingware clean.

When removing excess food from dinnerware, what precaution should you take to protect your dishes?

  • scraping them with rubber or plastic
  • washing with soft water only
  • only using organic cleansers

What types of foods can pit the surface of your dinnerware if left on it for an extended period?

  • tomatoes and other acidic foods
  • pork, lamb and other fatty foods
  • potatoes and other starchy foods

What should you not do with metal-trimmed dinnerware?

  • soak it for a long time in soapy water
  • hand-wash it
  • store it in a stacked position

When washing flatware at the same time as other dishes, when should you wash the flatware?

  • first, before both glasses and plates
  • after glasses but before plates
  • at the end, after both glasses and plates.

What is a drawback to washing silver flatware in a dishwasher?

  • It will need to be polished more frequently.
  • It may get dull more quickly.
  • It requires you to wash fewer pieces in a single cycle.

What can you rub on regular flatware to remove streaks?

  • olive oil
  • dishwashing soap
  • alcohol

What can you put in your silverware chest to help prevent tarnishing?

  • white chalk
  • baking soda
  • cedar wood chips

What happens if stainless steel and silver touch in the dishwasher?

  • The steel gets pitted and the silver spotted.
  • They bond with each other.
  • The steel and silver react in such a way to coat the steel with a toxic film.

What can you add to dishwater to gain sparkle and cut grease on glassware?

  • vinegar and ammonia, respectively
  • baking soda and cornstarch, respectively
  • olive oil and salt, respectively

What can you do to remove stains from glassware?

  • Rub them with a cut lemon.
  • Scrape them with a plastic brush.
  • Polish them with a soft towel.