The Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz
by Staff
To be or … not that again, right? Instead of repeating the same old Shakespeare facts, this quiz will dig a little deeper into Shakespeare's life and career to give you enough unusual trivia to sound smart in English class.

When was Shakespeare born?

  • Yeah, actually. . .when was he born?
  • April 23, 1564
  • April 26, 1564

Where was Shakespeare's birthplace?

  • Plymouth
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • London

What was Shakespeare's father's profession?

  • teacher
  • leatherworker
  • rector

John Shakespeare also held what position in Stratford?

  • town drunk
  • bishop
  • bailiff

Shakespeare attended:

  • homeschool
  • a local grammar school
  • no school

Part of Shakespeare's grammar school education would include:

  • music training
  • a robust theatre program
  • Latin and Greek classics

At the age of 18, Shakespeare had what significant life event?

  • marriage
  • a child
  • both

Shakespeare's wife's name is:

  • Anne Hathaway
  • Anne Avon
  • Jane Seymour

By 1585, the Shakespeares had:

  • separated
  • divorced
  • three children

After the birth of the twins, Shakespeare:

  • got a job as a swordmaker
  • bummed around town trying to write plays
  • only appears in the historical record in London, 1592

Shakespeare was part of what theater company?

  • The Happy Players
  • Lord Chamberlain's Men
  • The Globe Theatre Troop

What was the first Shakespeare play performed?

  • "Taming of the Shrew"
  • "Richard III"
  • "Henry IV"

What year did the Globe open?

  • 1512
  • 1572
  • 1599

What's on Shakespeare's coat of arms?

  • a clown
  • a pen
  • a spear

Enough about the guy. The play's the thing! Which of these plays is a Shakespeare comedy?

  • "Winter's Tale"
  • "Timon of Athens"
  • "Coriolanus"

When is "Cymbeline" set?

  • ancient Roman Britain
  • 16th century York
  • Italy

What play was set in Shakespeare's England?

  • "The Merry Wives of Windsor"
  • "As You Like It"
  • "The Tempest"

What's Shakespeare's longest play?

  • "Othello"
  • "Hamlet"
  • "Richard III"

What's the "First Folio?"

  • the first published collection of some of Shakespeare's work
  • the first five plays Shakespeare wrote
  • a Shakespeare play about two dueling lawyers

How many of Shakespeare's plays had never been published before the First Folio?

  • 18
  • 10
  • seven

How many original copies of the First Folio still exist?

  • two
  • none
  • 223

How were Shakespeare's plays published before the First Folio?

  • random people transcribed the plays as they watched
  • part of other playwright's collections
  • quartos

Which title is a Shakespeare poem?

  • "Pericles"
  • "Venus and Adonis"
  • "King John"

Shakespeare's sonnets are addressed to whom?

  • a young man
  • a dark lady
  • both

Who were the sonnets dedicated to?

  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • Mr. W. H.
  • Shakespeare's wife

What was Shakespeare's last play?

  • "Two Gentleman of Verona"
  • "The Two Noble Kinsmen"
  • "The Tempest"

When did Shakespeare die?

  • 1613
  • 1624
  • 1616

What is the content of Shakespeare's epitaph?

  • a curse to anyone who moves his remains
  • a prayer
  • a popular song of the time

Who wrote Shakespeare's plays?

  • not Shakespeare
  • probably Shakespeare
  • Christopher Marlowe

Direct descendants of Shakespeare:

  • don't exist
  • live in Stratford
  • can be found around Great Britain