The Ultimate Shelf Organizing Quiz
by Staff
Cluttered shelves is something we all have to deal with sooner or later. To gain insight into ways and means of organizing, take this quiz.

What is it that gives joy to bibliophiles?

  • shelves full of books
  • books organized by genre
  • books organized by size

Can you think of what could cause a book lover frustration?

  • lack of color coordination
  • inaccessibility of top shelves
  • inability to find a specific book

What effect can rows of books wedged together in formation have on the beholder?

  • soothing
  • wearying
  • exciting

For the most attractive arrangement of your books, what should you do?

  • Organize by color.
  • Make undulating waves of books arranged by height according to a pattern.
  • Display chosen volumes, not your entire treasure trove.

What are the rules of esthetic book arranging?

  • There are no rules.
  • Alternate between sets of like-colored volumes.
  • Organize by subjects.

Should bookshelves be used only for books?

  • Well, they are called bookshelves.
  • You could give the eye a break with occasional displays of different items.
  • You can only add items connected with books, like bookmarks.

How can you organize a child's shelves, where you find myriad irregular items?

  • Add special shelves for items other than books.
  • Cloth bags attached to the wall will get all those items off the shelf.
  • Use attractively shaped and colored baskets.

Artists and photographers sometimes use what is called the Rule of Thirds. What is it?

  • Picture area is divided into thirds horizontally and vertically to determine composition.
  • There should be three elements to every picture.
  • Statistically viewers pay more attention to every third item.

And how, if at all, can you apply this to giving more style to your bookshelves?

  • Place collectibles on every third shelf.
  • Change color of books at every third meeting point.
  • Place items of interest at meeting points of the thirds.

Is it a good idea to use living plants on your bookshelves?

  • Moisture and sunlight are not good for books.
  • Living plants are an essential design element.
  • Books thrive on sunlight and a certain degree of moisture.

When organizing bookshelves and collectibles, what is another important guiding principle?

  • Try to color coordinate collectibles with the surrounding books.
  • Display fragile things on higher shelves.
  • Collectibles and books on the same shelf don't look good.

How can you utilize the shelving system to help keep your living room tidy?

  • Pile all the stuff in an used corner of the shelves.
  • Arrange the items by category behind the bottom row of books.
  • Place baskets under lower shelves for the miscellaneous living room stuff.

In which other room in the house can baskets provide discrete storage?

  • laundry - for detergents
  • bathroom - for personal care items
  • pantry - for items not intended for children

What is the DDC and how is it be relevant to a home office?

  • It is an organization devoted to the treatment of obsessive neatness freaks.
  • It is a form of Chinese philosophy concerned with energy forces in rows of books.
  • It is a system of organizing in an orderly, logical way.

How can you begin to organize your books in a functional rather than decorative manner?

  • Place the most used books on the most accessible shelves.
  • Organize the books according to categories starting from the upper shelves.
  • Arrange the books in alphabetical order.

Now you have the basic organizational structure, how can you refine the system to make it more efficient?

  • Now is the time to color coordinate the books.
  • Arrange all the books alphabetically.
  • Divide them into fiction, non-fiction and reference.

What is the best way of arranging your most frequently used reference books?

  • by author
  • by subject
  • by size

If your shelves have to store office supplies what can you do to keep things under control?

  • Place everything in a single basket next to your desk.
  • Don't store stuff on your shelves - buy or order when you need things.
  • Try a set of matching containers to keep things tidy..

How can you solve the problem of open-ended bookshelves and also add a little style.

  • Hang cloth bags with office supplies at the ends of shelves.
  • Use some of your heavier collectibles as book stops.
  • Drape heavy narrow curtains at the ends of the shelves for a dramatic effect.

Designer Allison Spears apparently favors the distinctive blue boxes from a posh jewelry retailer to hold stuff and act as a focal point. Is this absolutely necessary?

  • Do what works for you.
  • If you want to be stylish, you must follow the experts.
  • Sure -- as long as you make sure everything on your shelves goes well with blue.