The Ultimate Shenandoah National Park Quiz
by Staff
Shenandoah National Park is a rich patchwork tapestry of mountains, rivers, valleys, forests, meadows, waterfalls and more. With loads of fun things to do there for the whole family, Shenandoah is a dream American nature site. Take this quiz to learn more about Shenandoah National Park.

Where in Virginia is Shenandoah National Park?

  • on the far eastern coast
  • in the Blue Ridge mountain range
  • on the far southern state border

What is the name of the river that flows to the west in Shenandoah National Park?

  • Shenandoah River
  • Salamander River
  • Salmon River

How far is Shenandoah National Park from Washington, D.C.?

  • a half hour away
  • a day's travel
  • a couple of hours away

What is Skyline Drive?

  • a 20-story high lookout over Massanutten Mountain
  • a stunning cable car tour you can do in Shenandoah
  • a 105-mile (168-kilometer) stretch of road along the crest of the mountains

During what seasons is Dickey Ridge Visitor Center open?

  • late summer to late fall
  • mid-summer to mid-winter
  • mid-spring to late fall

How many acres does Shenandoah National Park cover?

  • 100,000
  • 200,000
  • 300,000

Where is Shenandoah's tallest waterfall located?

  • near Mile 22 on the Skyline Drive
  • near Turk Gap
  • near Front Royal

The ancient rock formations in Shenandoah National Park consist of:

  • greenstone
  • greenstone and granite
  • granite

Which of these animals live in Shenandoah National Park?

  • bears and raccoons
  • deer and opossums
  • all of the above

Shenandoah National Park still bears the scars of years of farming, logging and cattle grazing. What has happened recently?

  • Forests and native animals have been returning.
  • The damage has spread.
  • The cattle have moved on.

What is Corbin Cabin?

  • the grave site of George Corbin
  • a tree log that is shaped like a dwelling
  • a typical mountaineer's home

Who maintains Corbin Cabin?

  • the U.S. government
  • the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club
  • the Blue Ridge National Heritage Trust

Who or what is Camp Hoover named for?

  • President Hoover
  • the CEO of a vacuum cleaner company
  • the Hoover Dam

Which scenic spot overlooks the meandering Shenandoah River?

  • Corbin Cabin
  • Turk Mountain
  • Hogback Overlook

Early American pioneers thought twice about crossing Blue Ridge because of:

  • its ruggedness
  • its ruggedness, height and lack of low-lying passes through it
  • its height

In what way is Shenandoah unlike other national parks?

  • People have lived there for generations.
  • It has been burnt down by wildfires again and again.
  • There are no mosquitoes there at all.

After the Commonwealth of Virginia acquired land for the national park, it:

  • claimed historic ownership
  • sold it to developers
  • donated it to the nation

What has been harvested in Shenandoah since the early 18th century?

  • timber
  • wheat
  • maize

When was Shenandoah National Park opened to the public?

  • in 1928
  • in 1935
  • in 1943

Of the original mountain dwellers who lived in Shenandoah around the time it was established, how many are there today?

  • almost none
  • under 20
  • over 50