The Ultimate Sickening Toxic Mold Quiz
by Staff
One of the best reasons to use your air conditioner in humid weather is to reduce the humidity in your home, because this encourages the growth of potentially toxic mold. While normal levels of humidity do not usually breed mold, if you have a leaky roof or dampness in your basement, be aware that mold may be growing there.

The fungi Stachybotrys chartarum (S. chartarum) may cause serious illness. _____ damage to your home may cause the fungi to grow there.

  • water
  • sun
  • wind

Which organ of the body is most affected by breathing in mold?

  • the liver
  • the lungs
  • the pancreas

Molds release spores that include dangerous substances called mycotoxins. How do they enter the body?

  • We inhale them.
  • They are absorbed through the skin.
  • both of the above

Toxic spores may suppress the body's immune:

  • system
  • complex
  • structure

Which former Tonight Show sidekick sued his home contractors over toxic mold?

  • Ed McGuire
  • Ed McGee
  • Ed McMahon

Which national organization has begun research on toxic mold?

  • the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • the Environmental Protection Agency
  • both of the above

How does mold get into your home?

  • through the pipes
  • through an open window
  • through the basement

What level of relative humidity provides ideal conditions for mold to thrive?

  • 24 percent
  • 54 percent
  • 94 percent

Cellulose is the major component of paper and paper products and is a favorite breeding ground for toxic mold. Which of the following building materials is the most vulnerable to mold?

  • ceramic tiles
  • stainless steel sinks
  • gypsum board

Which household cleaner is recommended for removing mold from hard surfaces like floors and countertops?

  • soap and water
  • bleach
  • ammonia