What's Your Sign (of Depression): Common Behaviors
by Staff
The symptoms of depression can lead to several harmful behaviors. Take this quiz to see if you can identify them.

Which of these is the same thing as a depressive behavior?

  • a depressive symptom
  • a manic behavior
  • neither

Depression can lead to eating less of what?

  • carbs
  • proteins
  • everything

Loss of appetite due to depression is a symptom that originates where?

  • the stomach
  • the autonomic nervous system
  • the esophagus

Which type of depression can lead to eating more?

  • atypical depression
  • manic depression
  • postpartum depression

When it comes to sleep, a depressed person is most likely to do what?

  • sleep all day
  • have difficulty sleeping
  • never sleep

Approximately what percentage of people with depression have a related sleep disorder?

  • 25 percent
  • 66 percent
  • 80 percent

Sleep problems are similar to what other depressive issue?

  • lack of appetite
  • crying
  • feeling isolated

Some people with depression sleep more than they should. What is this is because of?

  • advanced depression
  • atypical depression
  • People with depression never sleep excessively.

Sleeping poorly is not just a behavior of depression, it's also a cause of what?

  • depression
  • eating poorly
  • neither

How different is atypical depression from regular depression?

  • It's not different.
  • It's different in every way.
  • It's different in a few ways.

What is a lesser-known behavior of depression?

  • self-injury
  • craving unusual foods
  • chapped lips

When a depressed person has unexplained aches and pains, what does it mean?

  • hypochondria
  • undiagnosed depression
  • self-injury

What is a common treatment of both depression and chronic pain?

  • antidepressants
  • psychotherapy
  • vitamins

A person who experiences physical pain along with mild psychological symptoms of depression is less likely to do what?

  • take pain pills
  • take antidepressants
  • take vitamins

What is the primary reason a person with depression may spend less time with friends and family?

  • He or she feels ugly.
  • He or she can no longer enjoy many activities.
  • He or she is tired.

A serious side effect of isolation is what?

  • It can lead to more depression.
  • It can make a person accident prone.
  • It can reduce a person's appetite.

Why do people with depression tend to have less sex?

  • Depression can reduce a person's sex drive.
  • Antidepressants can reduce a person's sex drive.
  • Both depression and antidepressants can reduce a person's sex drive.

Depression is believed to cause more lost work days than what?

  • most major illnesses
  • only diabetes
  • only heart disease

How does depression rank when it comes to disability statistics?

  • It's the No. 1 cause of disability.
  • It's the No. 5 cause of disability.
  • It's the No. 10 cause of disability.

Most depressive behaviors are linked to what?

  • a negative personality
  • other depressive behaviors
  • a chronic illness