Name That Obscure 'Simpsons' Character!
by Staff
Think you can pass our 'Simpsons' character quiz? Test your knowledge to see if you're a true fan of the iconic animated series.

What is Comic Book Guy's Real Name?

  • Jeff Albertson
  • Stan Lee Smith

What’s the name of everyone's favorite cat hoarder, also known as "Crazy Cat Lady?"

  • Frieda Feline
  • Eleanor Abernathy

What is the real name of the Duff Beer spokesman Duff Man?

  • Barry Duffman
  • Homer Thompson

What was the name of Bart's pet elephant?

  • Plopper
  • Stampy

What is the real name of the sea captain?

  • Horatio Peter McCallister
  • Johnny Sparrow

What is the name of the squeaky-voiced teen?

  • Cletus Spuckler
  • Jeremy Freedman

What longtime character was revealed to be Jeremy Freedman's mother?

  • Lunchlady Doris
  • Maude Flanders

What are the names of the "Tom and Jerry" style cat and mouse cartoon duo on "The Simpsons?"

  • Bill and Marty
  • Itchy and Scratchy

What was the birth name of town founder Jebediah Springfield?

  • Shelbyville Manhattan
  • Hans Sprungfeld

Who takes on the role of Krusty's sidekick when Sideshow Bob deserts the show to pursue a life of crime?

  • Sideshow Mike
  • Sideshow Mel