Skin Balm and Backpacking: Skin Care While Backpacking Quiz
by Staff
It is important to protect your skin at all times. Especially during outside adventures like backpacking. Take the quiz to ensure you have the perfect attire and supplies to maintain radiant skin.

What type of clothing is recommended to protect skin while backpacking?

  • light, airy summer attire to avoid overheating
  • a thick sweater to keep the mosquitos from biting
  • pants and long-sleeved shirts

What type of material is best to wear to block more ultraviolet rays?

  • nylon
  • cotton
  • silk

What's the recommended sun protection factor (SPF) to protect against ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays?

  • at least 10
  • at least 20
  • at least 30

What product is useful for keeping moist skin dry?

  • talcum powder
  • Epsom salt
  • sulfur

What is trench foot?

  • infection caused by prolonged exposure to damp feet
  • condition where the feet are temporarily paralyzed
  • condition where the feet are significantly discolored, often in a green color

In freezing temperatures, which ingredient should not be in skin balms?

  • petroleum jelly
  • water
  • dye

What is DEET?

  • an acronym meaning Dry, Eat, Everybody Together to encourage safety habits while backpacking
  • a topical cream to apply to sunburnt skin
  • ingredient in most insect repellents

When using sunblock and insect repellents separately, which should you apply first?

  • sunblock
  • insect repellent
  • It doesn’t matter.

Why is sunblock important, even in snowy conditions?

  • The snow absorbs the protection.
  • The snow reflects the sunlight.
  • The snow also has harmful agents that can damage skin.

What famous oil is used to sooth sunburns, blisters and blisters?

  • mineral oil
  • olive oil
  • tea tree oil