The Ultimate Skylight Quiz
by Staff
A nice way to brighten up a room and to make it appear larger is to add a skylight. A skylight is also a great way to bring in more sunshine and to reap benefits that the sun can provide. If you do not already have a skylight, perhaps now is the time to consider adding one.

What is the main benefit of adding one or more skylights in your home?

  • Adding skylights will make your home warmer in the fall and winter.
  • Adding skylights can make the rooms in your home feel brighter and more spacious.
  • Adding skylights to a home can improve the health and wellbeing of inhabitants.

What is the reason that sun can make people feel happier and healthier?

  • Exposure to sun has been proven to increase levels of free radicals and vitamin C.
  • Exposure to sunlight has been proven to increase levels of serotonin and vitamin D.
  • Exposure to sunlight has been proven to increase levels of vitamin E and associated antioxidant effect.

Besides allowing extra light in to your home, what other significant benefit can windows and skylights provide?

  • savings on heating costs during winter months
  • savings on air conditioning costs year around
  • savings on lighting costs

When studying the possibility of installing skylights, what is a major consideration that you must keep in mind?

  • must be tempered
  • must have a high R-factor
  • must have polarized glass

What is seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?

  • chronic bronchial disorder
  • seasonal chronic sinusitis
  • seasonal affective disorder

Because of a skylight's location on a ceiling, what other benefit can it provide day or night?

  • A skylight is a great place to position a telescope for viewing a day or night sky.
  • A skylight that opens will provide extra ventilation day and night.
  • A skylight will provide extra day light and romantic moonlight every night.

Is the installation of a skylight a do-it-yourself kind of project?

  • best left to a professional
  • only if your are unafraid of heights
  • almost anyone can install a skylight

What affect can a skylight that has not been properly installed have on your home?

  • no gain of sunlight
  • wastes heat
  • affect structural integrity

What is the general term that manufacturers use to describe how a skylight or window is created?

  • thermal rating
  • glazing
  • reflective coefficient

What is the typical glazing method employed in skylights today?

  • plastic
  • PVC
  • glass

Glass used for skylight construction must be:

  • coated or glazed
  • tempered or laminated
  • case hardened or pressure treated

What is a unique feature of tempered glass besides being harder to break than regular glass?

  • It shatters but the pieces stay in place .
  • It disintegrates into grains like sand.
  • It shatters into small pieces without sharp edges.

What is another benefit of laminated glass besides holding together when it is broken?

  • The lamination between the sheets of glass gives it a much higher sound insulation rating than tempered glass.
  • The lamination between the sheets of glass do not block the suns UV light like tempered glass.
  • The lamination between the sheets of glass gives a much higher insulation R-factor than tempered glass.

What is the unit of measure that rates the amount of heat from sunlight that a skylight blocks?

  • solar R-factor
  • solar heat gain coefficient
  • thermal blocking coefficient

Approximately how many people fall through skylights in America each year?

  • 132
  • 106
  • 86