Solve This! The Sliding Puzzle Quiz
by Staff
They're addictive, engrossing and maddening. Sliders have been around for well over a century, but you still may have a lot to learn about these braintwisters.

What is the first sliding puzzle commonly known as?

  • Rubik's Slider
  • The 15 Puzzle
  • Tic Tac Toe

What shape were the pieces of the original sliding puzzle, the 15 Puzzle?

  • square
  • triangular
  • circular

How many 15 Puzzle configurations are solvable?

  • all of them
  • half of them
  • all except one

The 15 Puzzle became popular in which year?

  • 1880
  • 1980
  • 1890

Who was the inventor of the 15 Puzzle?

  • Sam Loyd
  • Noyes Chapman
  • P.T. Barnum

How can sliding puzzle pieces be moved?

  • by jumping over another piece
  • by flipping them
  • by moving them into an empty space

True or False: The simpler a sliding puzzle's design, the easier it is to solve.

  • True
  • False

Why was the Pennant Puzzle of 1909 harder to solve than earlier sliding puzzles?

  • It had no frame.
  • It used rectangular pieces.
  • The pieces were all the same color.

True or False: Even computers have a hard time solving sliding puzzles.

  • True
  • False

Ma's Puzzle, released in 1927, introduced what element into sliding puzzles?

  • T-shaped pieces
  • L-shaped pieces
  • Z-shaped pieces

What is the key to solving sliding puzzles?

  • moving two pieces at once
  • converting the puzzle to a mathematical formula
  • There is no key.

The Japanese sliding puzzle Sokoban represents what kind of worker?

  • taxi dispatcher
  • warehouse manager
  • airline pilot

What makes Sokoban especially difficult?

  • Pieces can be pushed, but not pulled.
  • The pieces are different colors.
  • The game has a warp factor that randomizes the tiles.

What professional group has a history of sliding puzzle analysis?

  • mathematicians
  • philosophers
  • psychologists

When mathematicians judge a puzzle PSPACE-complete, what does this mean?

  • The puzzle is complex and difficult to solve.
  • The puzzle has a certain number of empty spaces.
  • The puzzle cannot be solved except by a computer.

What claim is made for the computer-designed puzzle called Quzzle?

  • It's a puzzle no one has ever solved.
  • It's the best puzzle for a child.
  • It's the most difficult simple sliding puzzle.

Rubik's Cube, a relative of the sliding puzzle, created a sensation in which decade?

  • 1880s
  • 1960s
  • 1980s

How long did it take chess champion Bobby Fischer to solve Rubik's Cube?

  • 5 minutes
  • 2.5 minutes
  • 25 seconds

What is the world's record for solving Rubik's Cube?

  • 21.71 seconds
  • 15.66 seconds
  • 5.66 seconds

Which renowned puzzle inventor has an annual puzzle design award named for him?

  • Feliks Zemdegs
  • Nob Yoshigahara
  • Junk Kato