Real Slogan or Random Gibberish?
by Staff
This quiz wouldn't be half as fun if it only included the good slogans. Try your hand at guessing the almost-incomprehensibly bad taglines and the ugly truth behind some of our favorites.

What cheerful tagline did Bacardi use to promote its rum called Bacardi Spice?

  • "distilled in hell"
  • "better than hemlock"
  • "hair of Cerberus"

What not-known-for-fun organization decided to use the phrase "Whoo hoo!" for a slogan?

  • The Food and Drug Administration
  • Washington Mutual
  • National Public Radio

OK, one more: Why did WaMu decide to put that "h" in its "whoo" when we all know it should be "woo"?

  • It was dreamed up by a copywriter from Britain where "whoo" is the standard spelling.
  • Because "woo hoo" was Homer's line.
  • It was a typo that stuck.

Sara Lee execs clearly wanted to sound down-home when they thought of this slogan:

  • "Chaw your jaw on this."
  • "Call Gramps, the pie is on!"
  • "Heck, you don't need a fork."

What was NOT a FedEx slogan?

  • "Our most important package is yours."
  • "We put your package in our hands."
  • "Why fool around with anyone else?"

What Campbell's soup slogan was pulled because of FDA complaints about its accuracy?

  • "Soup made with love."
  • "Happiness in a bowl."
  • "Soup is good food."

Did you know Nike actually tried out another tagline in the 1990s? Pick the one the company gave a go.

  • "Done."
  • "I can."
  • "Work it."

Some companies just don't excel in creativity. Which slogan is NOT real?

  • "We're here."
  • "We're Exxon."
  • "We're chicken."

One slogan for Denny's described the Denny's experience thusly:

  • "Here are foods and drinks for you."
  • "We'll serve you meals."
  • "A good place to sit and eat."

Who told you, rather brusquely, to "Drive One"?

  • Subaru
  • Tesla
  • Ford

What Yoda-sounding tagline is NOT real?

  • Our force is your energy.
  • Be your way.
  • Good company are we.

What cringe-worthy slogan would give a start to any woman who was asked the question in reality?

  • "Is that a Playtex under there?"
  • "Do you need a Midol?"
  • "Want to borrow my Nair?"

What was Long John Silver's inscrutable onetime slogan?

  • "Ahoy you."
  • "We speak fish."
  • "Seafood, see food."

What elementary school taunt did Jack in the Box use to promote its bacon menu-items?

  • "Love bacon? Marry it."
  • "We're bacon and you're glue."
  • "You and bacon sitting in a tree."

What kind of creepy slogan did (then) Mobil seem to pull out of a leading man's line in a dramatic romance?

  • "We want you to live."
  • "We will find you."
  • "We will never leave your side."

When did M&Ms introduce the "melts in your mouth, not in your hands" slogan?

  • 1954
  • 1971
  • 1992

What company probably wished its slogan was not "ask why?"

  • Enron
  • BP
  • Bear Stearns

What antagonistic slogan is NOT real?

  • "What's your problem?"
  • "Leave the driving to us."
  • "Stay out of our way."

When did The New York Times begin to use the slogan "all the news that's fit to print"?

  • 1896
  • 1931
  • 1962

What celebrity was featured in the first "Got Milk" ad?

  • Aaron Burr
  • Jonathan Lipnicki
  • Joan Rivers