Know how to capture light with slow shutter speed? Take this quiz!
by Staff
A slow shutter speed allows photographers to create a variety of in-camera effects. Find out how much you know about painting with light and shooting night for day with our quiz.

True or false: A slow shutter speed allows a camera sensor to capture more light.

  • true
  • false

Slow shutter speeds are often called ____ shutter speeds as well.

  • sluggish
  • long aperture
  • long

Slow shutter photography is usually performed in these kinds of lighting conditions.

  • low light
  • bright light
  • harsh light

Which type of photography is good at capturing a crisp action shot with no motion blur?

  • slow shutter photography
  • fast shutter photography
  • long exposure photography

Normal or fast shutter speeds are denoted in ____ of seconds.

  • hundreths
  • thousandths
  • millionths

This camera mode simplifies slow shutter shooting by automating aperture settings.

  • shutter priority
  • aperture priority
  • bulb mode

A camera's bulb mode allows photographers to do what?

  • set a shutter timer
  • shoot pictures in rapid succession
  • manually open and close the shutter

This piece of camera gear is a must for slow sutter photography.

  • tripod
  • flash
  • telephoto lens

This cheap camera add-on helps reduce camera shake.

  • hand grip
  • cable release
  • telephoto lens

A cable release, or shutter release, allows photographers to do which of these things to a shutter?

  • lock it open
  • close it more quickly than normal
  • shoot photographs very rapidly

One of these makes it possible to shoot during the day with a slow shutter.

  • natural density filter
  • telephoto lens
  • aperture filter

True or false: With a long enough shutter speed, photos taken at night can be bright enough to look like they were shot during the day.

  • true
  • false

This art form is one of the most common uses for slow shutter photography.

  • light trails
  • sports photography
  • family portraits

A camera shutter is located where?

  • in the camera lens
  • between the image sensor and the lens
  • just behind the lens cap

This feature will override a camera's normal decision to shoot with a high shutter speed when using a flash.

  • shutter priority
  • fast sync flash
  • slow sync flash

Which flash mode fires at the last second to illuminate the main subject of a photo?

  • front curtain sync
  • rear curtain sync
  • flash priority

In point-and-shoot cameras, slow sync flash mode is sometimes called what?

  • night mode
  • flash priority
  • curtain sync mode

When photographing nature, which of these effects comes from slow shutter speeds?

  • deep depth of field
  • blurring the natural motion of water
  • HDR lighting

True or false: Camera shake and motion blur are the same thing.

  • true
  • false