Designing In Small Spaces Quiz
by Staff
The right design can open up small rooms and give them the feel of extra space. Test your designer know-how with our quiz about maximizing small spaces through good design.

What is key to making small spaces appear larger?

  • painting walls neutral colors
  • minimizing accessories
  • tricking the eye

What living room item could you replace to make the room appear bigger almost instantly?

  • entertainment center
  • wooden coffee table
  • love seat

What is the main decorating benefit of adding mirrors to your walls?

  • You can create an illusion of space.
  • You can hide a closet.
  • You can see how you look.

What is an easy way to increase light by using mirrors?

  • Put a mirror behind a floor lamp.
  • Put mirrors on the ceiling.
  • Put mirrors directly across the room from windows.

What color furniture is the best choice to make a small room appear larger?

  • dark colors like brown and blue
  • bright colors like yellow and green
  • neutral colors like cream and beige

Choosing light neutral colors can __________.

  • make walls and ceilings seem farther away
  • draw the eye away from corners
  • add brightness to a dark room

How can you create movement and interest in a small room?

  • Hang a ceiling lamp in the corner.
  • Hang wind chimes near a window.
  • Hang several mirrors at different heights.

What is the best way to add color to a small room?

  • Paint one wall a bright color.
  • Hang brightly colored window treatments.
  • Use colorful accessories and artwork.

When choosing furniture for small rooms, what should you pay the most attention to?

  • sizes appropriate for the room
  • solid colors or simple patterns
  • consistent style

What sofa characteristics would best suit a small living room?

  • two seats instead of three
  • streamlined design
  • love seat size

What is a good way to add storage while saving space in a living room?

  • coffee table with a shelf on the bottom
  • corner bookshelves
  • storage ottoman

Which of the following furniture is a good multitasker?

  • entertainment center
  • mini fridge
  • convertible chair

What is an ideal way to decrease clutter in your kitchen?

  • Create an appliance nook.
  • Store items in your oven.
  • Choose multipurpose appliances.

Where is a great spot to optimize storage in almost any home?

  • under beds
  • under the kitchen table
  • behind the couch

What is one option to increase space in your bedroom without sacrificing convenience?

  • hanging pockets for closets
  • upgrade to larger furniture
  • shallow dresser drawers

What is a unique way to create a place for your special figurines and keepsakes?

  • Hang them from the ceiling.
  • Put them on a bookshelf.
  • Put them on open glass shelves with a mirror behind them.

What is an attractive storage option if you have limited closet space?

  • over-the-door storage pockets
  • decorative boxes
  • stackable crates

What is one good way to utilize space in a bedroom?

  • Hang colorful clothing items or toys on the wall with hooks.
  • Mount shelves on the wall above a bed as a makeshift headboard.
  • Add shelves to one side of the closet.

Where is a good spot to store extra towels?

  • in the clothes dryer
  • under the kitchen sink
  • a shelf above the bathroom door

How can you keep spices, pot lids and other small kitchen items organized and out of sight?

  • Throw them all in a drawer.
  • Put them all in a bowl on top your counter.
  • Store them in wire baskets mounted inside cabinet doors.