The Ultimate Smart Homes Quiz
by Staff
If you're so smart, why would you need a smart home? The answer is for a variety of reasons, including saving energy costs, personal safety, even greater comfort. Take this quiz and see the smartest things in homes.

When you're at work, how does a smart home relieve your concern about whether you left the TV on?

  • You can check it out online.
  • It is smart enough to turn the TV off in your absence.
  • An automated voice calls you to soothe away your problems.

What is another term for a smart home?

  • robotic home
  • home automation
  • a wise home

Which appliances can be connected to the home automation system?

  • the ones that run on solar energy
  • the ones that run on gas
  • the ones that run on electricity

How can you connect to your smart home and give commands?

  • using your voice
  • using remote control or a computer
  • both of the above

What was the prototype smart home developed in 1975 in Scotland called?

  • Wiseguy 007
  • X10
  • ScotSmart

Under the home automation system, appliances and devices are called _____, whereas the controlling mechanisms are called:

  • receivers … transmitters
  • transmitters … receivers
  • drones … commanders

A transmitted message will be in numerical code. What will it contain?

  • a code for the receiver and a code for the online record-keeping system that tracks your messages
  • a code of your present location and a code for the information you wish to convey
  • a code with the actual command and a code for both the receiver and transmitter

Why is communicating via electrical wires not always reliable?

  • because the wires can get entangled
  • because the wires can sometimes fray from overload
  • because the wires can be "noisy" from other devices

The two prominent radio networks that operate home automation systems, ZigBee and Z-Wave, are what is called:

  • noise-free networks
  • mesh networks
  • messaging systems

How do smart home door handles usually admit entry?

  • by means of electronic sensors
  • by means of voice recognition
  • by means of fingerprints or a code

If you wanted to join an X10 system with a Z-Wave product, what would you need?

  • a dongle
  • a bridging device
  • a modulator

Why is appropriate placement of the wireless network nodes important?

  • in order that they connect correctly
  • in order that they have a good routing range
  • in order that they are compatible with your home gadgets

Why does the cost to install a smart home vary widely?

  • because it depends on the degree of "smartness" you install
  • because it depends on the company you use
  • because it depends on the currency exchange rate for any given date

What can a fire alarm system in a smart home do?

  • extinguish the fire and treat burns
  • unlock doors, call the fire department and light up the path to safety
  • predict the outbreak of a fire and even prevent fires

Suppose you're lying in bed in your upstairs bedroom and you want a hot cup of coffee from the kitchen downstairs. With a smart home, can you boil the water on command?

  • Yes, certainly.
  • No, that system is yet to be developed.
  • Yes, but only from the same floor. From upstairs to downstairs, it would be a problem.

How would your energy bill be reduced in a smart home?

  • The lights and heating turn off when the room is not in use, so you'd save energy.
  • It wouldn't.
  • The smart home uses lots of solar energy so you save on electricity.

What might a smart dog house do?

  • turn off lights when the kennel is not in use
  • alert the dog in case of fire or burglary
  • give the dog a preset amount of food at selected times

When choosing a home automation system, what question should you ask?

  • How easy will it be to make changes to the interface if need be?
  • What will my friends think of it?
  • How can I make it hacker-free?

What security concerns are there with a smart home?

  • that it might not recognize you or let you in
  • that it could be hacked into
  • that it may release radioactive waves into the air

Some smart home features may raise ________ questions about invading privacy.

  • nonsensical
  • moot
  • ethical