Snack Quiz: Which is healthier?
by Staff
No matter what your snack choice is we all head for something when our stomachs start to rumble. Test your knowledge with our healthy snack quiz.

Pork rinds are a popular snack for Atkins dieters (and at least one former U.S. president) -- but are they a healthy snack choice?

  • yes
  • no
  • both yes and no

You're too busy for lunch -- which of the following vending machine snacks is the healthiest choice?

  • a two-pack of Strawberry toaster pastries
  • a peanut, chocolate and caramel candy bar
  • a bag of sunflower seed kernels
  • a bag of potato chips

Which baked snack has the most dietary fiber per serving?

  • ROLD GOLD Classic Style Pretzel Thins
  • BAKED! CHEETOS Crunchy Cheese Flavored Snack
  • BAKED! LAY'S Potato Crisps
  • Sunshine Cheez-It Original snack crackers

Fact or fiction: Granola bars are always a healthier alternative to candy bars.

  • fact
  • fiction

Which chocolate bar has the least calories per serving?

  • a Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar
  • a 3 Musketeers bar
  • a package of M&M's

Which of the following snack options from the McDonald's menu has the least amount of total fat?

  • large order of fries with one ketchup packet
  • honey mustard snack wrap (crispy)
  • snack size fruit and walnut salad
  • fruit'n yogurt parfait

You're hitting the 3 p.m. slump and nothing can stand between you and caffeine. Which of these popular Starbucks drinks has the healthiest calorie and fat content?

  • Mocha Frappuccino with whole milk and whipped cream, size grande
  • iced coffee with whole milk, size grande
  • caramel macchiato with whole milk, size grande
  • cafe latte with whole milk, size grande

Which type of nut is high in omega-3 fatty acids?

  • peanuts
  • walnuts
  • pistachios
  • almonds

Which of these is the healthiest dip for your baby carrots?

  • ranch salad dressing
  • blue cheese salad dressing
  • french onion dip
  • hummus

Water is the healthiest thirst quencher, but many of us choose sweetened beverages, instead. If you're going to vend, which should you spend your dollars on?

  • Non-diet soda
  • Flavored iced tea
  • Lemonade
  • Vitamin Water