The Ultimate Solar Air Heaters Quiz
by Staff
Energy alternatives are becoming even more necessary as energy supplies diminish and costs rise. A solar air heater may be an alternative source of warmth for your home. Take this quiz to see how hot your knowledge of solar air heaters is.

What was a catalyst for the 1970s U.S. energy crisis?

  • oil embargo
  • recession
  • oil shortages

What is an economical solar add-on that may reduce your energy use?

  • solar retrofit of your home
  • solar air heater
  • both answers

How do active solar systems work?

  • use solar panels
  • use heat absorbing material
  • both answers

How do active solar systems move energy to where it is needed?

  • gravity
  • fans
  • tubes

Why may heat sinks be hazardous to your health?

  • mold
  • bacteria
  • both answers

How long will it take for a solar air heater to pay for itself?

  • two to three years
  • three to five years
  • five to seven years

What type of heating system is a solar air heater?

  • primary heating system
  • supplemental heating system
  • emergency heating system

What are the maintenance needs of solar air heaters?

  • very little maintenance
  • moderate maintenance
  • extensive maintenance

What may impact the energy savings from a solar air heater?

  • differences in home insulation
  • differences in climates
  • both answers

Solar air heaters are most efficient in what climate?

  • short and dark winters
  • long, cold and sunny winters
  • short and sunny winters

What type primary heating system may lengthen the time it takes to return your investment on a solar air heater?

  • gas powered
  • electricity powered
  • wood powered

Who is qualified to install a solar air heater?

  • do-it-yourself
  • professional installation
  • both answers

Why won't a window solar air heating unit work at night?

  • does not store heat
  • needs sunlight
  • both answers

Where should you position a solar air heater?

  • north-facing
  • south-facing
  • east-facing

What is the best estimate for the life expectancy of a solar air heater?

  • 5 to 7 years
  • 7 to 15 years
  • 10 to 20 years