Solar Power Quiz
by Staff
The harnessing of solar power to provide electricity and heat in a controlled way is a major subject of research for the years ahead. How much do you know about one of the oldest, and newest, forms of energy known to man?

Devices that convert sunlight directly into electricity are called ...

  • photosynthetic
  • photovoltaic
  • photo-converters

Solar power is also used to create electricity through the workings of solar power plants. Which state in the U.S. housed the greatest number of solar power plants, according to data collected in 2006?

  • California
  • Florida
  • Arizona

Sunlight is composed of which type of energy particle?

  • photons
  • electrons
  • neutrinos

In the late 1950s, the U.S. began using photovoltaic cells to power ...

  • nuclear generators
  • space satellites
  • all of the above

The first civilizations to take solar energy into account in building their structures and planning their cities were the Greeks and the Chinese, who oriented their buildings in which direction, to maximize light and warmth?

  • south
  • east
  • west

In July 2008, researchers at MIT announced that they had devised a less-expensive means of generating solar power using large buildings. The new solar collectors would be ...

  • a system of reflectors that would concentrate the solar energy onto smaller panels
  • on solar panels on the buildings' roofs
  • the windows of the buildings themselves

Which of the following is currently a hindrance to more widespread use of solar power?

  • Sunlight is internittent and solar batteries are not as advanced as we would like.
  • Solar panels are expensive, partly because they are made with silicon, which is costly to produce.
  • all of the above

To solve the problem inherent in the use of expensive silicon, Harvard researchers are looking to create solar cells out of ...

  • plastic
  • ethanol
  • plants and vegetation