The Sopranos Quiz
by Staff
HBO drama "The Sopranos" is widely hailed as one of the best TV shows ever. Let's see how much you know about Tony, Carmela, Christopher, Paulie Walnuts and the rest of the gang.

"The Sopranos" premiered in January of this year.

  • 1997
  • 1999
  • 2001

When was the final episode?

  • 2004
  • 2006
  • 2007

"The Sopranos" was the second hour-long HBO drama series. What was the first?

  • "Oz"
  • "Six Feet Under"
  • "The Wire"

Twenty-seven members of the "Sopranos" cast were also in this movie.

  • "The Godfather"
  • "Casino"
  • "Goodfellas"

Tony Soprano is a member of the DiMeo crime family of New Jersey. What's their New York City counterpart?

  • the Baccalieris
  • the Lupertazzis
  • the Cifarettos

Why does Tony collapse in the series' first episode?

  • heart attack
  • panic attack
  • stroke

Tony's uncle, Corrado, goes by this nickname.

  • Uncle Junior
  • Spanky
  • C-Dogg

In an early episode, Tony hunts down and kills a former "colleague" while doing this with his daughter, Meadow.

  • shopping
  • visiting colleges
  • going to a Giants game

While Tony and Meadow are gone, Tony's wife, Carmela, has an almost-romantic movie night with _________.

  • her priest
  • Tony's bodyguard
  • her mechanic

Why does Tony choose Dr. Melfi to be his therapist?

  • Because he's attracted to her.
  • Because of her name.
  • Because she also treats Silvio.

This guys gets out of jail in season two and starts sleeping with Tony's sister, Janice.

  • Tony Blundetto
  • Richie Aprile
  • Ralph Cifaretto

How does Richie die?

  • Janice shoots him.
  • Phil Leotardo runs over him.
  • He chokes on linguini at Vesuvio.

Who does Janice end up marrying?

  • Bobby Bacala
  • Silvio Dante
  • Ralph Cifaretto

In season three, Meadow starts dating the son of this former DiMeo family boss.

  • Jackie Aprile
  • John Sacrimoni
  • Sal Bonpensiero

Why does Johnny Sack want to kill Ralph Cifaretto?

  • Ralph made fun of his wife.
  • Ralph killed his son.
  • Ralph slept with his daughter.

Who ends up killing Ralph?

  • Christopher
  • Tony
  • Paulie Walnuts

In the episode "Pine Barrens," these two characters chase a Russian mobster through the snowy woods.

  • Tony and Carmela
  • Silvio and Bobby
  • Christopher and Paulie Walnuts

How does Big Pussy die?

  • Tony shoots him.
  • Tony dumps him off a boat in the middle of the ocean.
  • He's killed in a drive-by shooting.

How does Adriana die?

  • Christopher beats her to death.
  • Silvio shoots her.
  • Paulie Walnuts strangles her.

How does Johnny Sack die?

  • cancer
  • beating
  • stabbing

How does Christopher die?

  • He commits suicide.
  • He overdoses on heroin.
  • Tony suffocates him.

Why does Uncle Junior start acting like he's senile?

  • So he won't have to go on trial.
  • So Tony will be scared of him.
  • So people will feel bad for him.

Why does Dr. Melfi finally stop treating Tony?

  • She realizes he'll never change.
  • She's afraid of him.
  • She's attracted to him.

When he's released from prison, this cousin of Tony's decides to go straight and get his massage license.

  • Tony Blundetto
  • Bobby Bacala
  • Patsy Parisi

This is the strip club that Tony's group runs.

  • Crazy Horse Cabaret
  • Bada Bing!
  • Go Go Rama

While working at the Esplanade construction site, Meadow's boyfriend, Finn, finds this guy in a compromising position.

  • Vito Spatafore
  • Bobby Bacala
  • Carmine Lupertazzi Jr.

Why is Tony in a coma at the beginning of the final season?

  • Johnny Sack pushes him down a flight of stairs.
  • Uncle Junior shoots him.
  • He gets run over by a truck.

Why does Johnny Sack totally lose the respect of Tony's crew in season six?

  • He cries.
  • He tries to kill Tony.
  • His wife cheats on him.

What's the name of the mobster horror film that Christopher and Carmine Jr. shop around in season six?

  • "The Grinder"
  • "Meat Hook"
  • "Cleaver"

In the final scene of the series, Tony plays this Journey song on the jukebox while waiting for his family to arrive at a restaurant.

  • "Don't Stop Believin'"
  • "Any Way You Want It"
  • "Wheel in the Sky"