The Ultimate Large and Small Spaces Quiz
by Staff
Whether you live in a 20-room mansion or an urban studio, you may find yourself facing design challenges related to space issues. Making large spaces seem homier and small spaces seem larger are two sides of the same coin. Take our quiz to see how you can solve this challenging design conundrum.

Breaking a large room into _____ areas makes it seem smaller.

  • many
  • cohesive
  • a few separate

What's the best way to trick people into thinking your living space is smaller or larger than it looks?

  • visual tricks
  • magic tricks
  • card tricks

Which paint colors absorb light?

  • light, neutral
  • light, pastel
  • dark, deep

What size furnishings should you consider for a large room?

  • small-scale
  • medium-scale
  • large-scale

______ fabrics give a feeling of warmth to a large living area.

  • Cotton
  • Shiny
  • Textured

Why are window treatments great for large living spaces?

  • They absorb light.
  • They take up wall space.
  • both of the above

Which of the following lighting options will make your living room feel cozier?

  • overhead fixtures
  • table lamps
  • track lighting

_______ will accentuate your room's large size.

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Mirrors

Which of the following work well in a large living room?

  • small paintings
  • large paintings
  • no paintings

What's a simple way to make a small living area larger?

  • Extend it.
  • Add an extra room.
  • both of the above

Which of the following paint colors will make a small space seem larger?

  • dark blue
  • pale pink
  • deep violet

Which shape storage container is the most space efficient?

  • round
  • square
  • triangular

Which window treatments work best for a window in a small room?

  • clunky blinds
  • sheer curtains
  • heavy drapes

Which type of lighting fixtures save floor space in a small room?

  • table lamps
  • track lights
  • floor lamps

What is an important design rule to consider when planning storage for your small living area?

  • Cut down on clutter.
  • Store your knick-knacks out of sight.
  • both of the above