The Ultimate Spelunking Quiz
by Staff
Popularly known as caving, spelunking is the recreational sport of exploring caves. Learn about exploring the subterranean universe of mazelike passages, tight crawl spaces, vast chambers, deep crevices, cascading waterfalls and bizarre creatures by taking this quiz.

How many caves in the United States are open to the public for guided tours and expeditions?

  • more than 100
  • more than 50
  • more than 25

What is one big mistake you should not commit when you are exploring caves?

  • Never talk to strangers.
  • Never go caving alone.
  • Never take extra batteries.

How are caves being used today?

  • Hideaway for villains in James Bond movies.
  • Offices for a social networking company.
  • Ideal environments for aging cheese and wine.

What type of landscape are caves commonly found in?

  • karst landscape
  • panoramic landscape
  • sparse landscape

What percentage of land in the United States is most prone to having caves?

  • 10 percent
  • 20 percent
  • 30 percent

What type of caves are most common?

  • granite caves
  • bat caves
  • limestone caves

Who is a speleologist?

  • Someone who studies caves.
  • Someone builds caves.
  • Someone explores caves.

What type of bacteria also helps form caves?

  • cyanobacteria
  • extremeophiles
  • clostridium

What are speleotherms commonly known as?

  • cave dwellings
  • cave drawings
  • cave formations

What cave formations hang down from the ceiling?

  • stalactites
  • stalagmites
  • grottos

What type of cave dwelling animals are bats and raccoons?

  • troglobites
  • trogloxenes
  • troglophiles

What type of cave dwelling animals are spiders and crickets?

  • troglobites
  • trogloxenes
  • troglophiles

What type of cave dwelling animals are blind and some don't even have eyes?

  • troglobites
  • trogloxenes
  • troglophiles

What is the temperature like inside a cave?

  • unstable
  • stable
  • extreme

What do we call cave microbes that could help us understand the earliest life forms on Earth?

  • indophiles
  • cyanophiles
  • extremeophiles

What place in France is famous for prehistoric cave paintings?

  • Lascaux
  • Cannes
  • Nice

What is the exploration of subway tunnels, utility shafts, sewage systems and abandoned buildings in cities known as?

  • urban underground
  • urban spelunking
  • urban subterranean

What type of caving should beginners normally avoid?

  • educational tours
  • grotto exploration
  • vertical caving

What is one of the most extreme and dangerous type of caving?

  • cave diving
  • cave dwelling
  • cave running

What is the single most important piece of caving equipment?

  • jacket
  • light
  • axe