The Ultimate Spider Quiz
by Staff
Is it all those legs, or the way they seem to dangle in mid-air, that makes spiders so frightening? People run screaming from them, even though most spiders are not dangerous at all to humans. Take this quiz to learn more about these silk-spinning, insect-eating creatures.

Approximately how many species of spider are there in the United States?

  • 3000
  • 20000
  • 35000

Spiders are closely related to which of these?

  • scorpions
  • ants
  • beetles

What is the shortest body length found among spiders?

  • 1/5 inch
  • 1/50 inch
  • 1/500 inch

What is the world's largest species of spider?

  • wolf spider
  • tarantula
  • brown recluse

How many sections does a spider's body have?

  • one
  • two
  • three

The tapered area between the cepholothorax and the abdomen is called what?

  • pedipalp
  • pedicle
  • pedicure

Where are the respiratory systems of spider found?

  • the cepholothorax
  • the pedicle
  • the abdomen

Up to how many eggs might a spider lay?

  • 30
  • 300
  • 3000

Which of these is a spider likely to eat?

  • pollen
  • honey
  • insects

If you were to make a thread of spider silk that surrounded the globe, how much would it weigh?

  • six ounces
  • six pounds
  • six tons

How do spiders avoid getting caught in their own webs?

  • A spider's feet are immune to the sticky substance they lay on their webs.
  • A spider must avoid getting caught in a web by remembering where the sticky areas are and avoiding them.
  • A spider can produce a kind of saliva that releases it from the glue of the web it lays.

How far can jumping spiders leap relative to their body length?

  • 10 times its length
  • 20 times its length
  • 40 times its length

Which of these spiders builds tube-like nests lined with silk in the ground, as a way of trapping its prey?

  • brown recluse spider
  • orb spider
  • trap-door spider

Which of these species has two sets of short legs and two sets of long ones?

  • the wolf spider
  • the crab spider
  • the brown recluse

Why do black widows eat their mates?

  • The black widow does not want to share her mate with others.
  • The black widow cannot tell the difference between her mate and other snacks.
  • The black widow's mate carried special proteins that she needs.

Why must spiders molt regularly?

  • Spiders have no other way of increasing their size.
  • Spiders need to expose their skin to oxygen from time to time.
  • Spiders are allergic to their own dead skin.

How often do adult female spiders molt?

  • once a month
  • once a year
  • once every five years

If a tarantula falls into the water, what will likely happen?

  • They will most likely drown.
  • They will float to safety and emerge totally dry.
  • They will die instantly due to a species-related water allergy.

What makes bleeding injuries so dangerous for tarantulas?

  • Tarantulas have very little blood, and cannot afford to lose any of it.
  • When tarantulas bleed their strong-smelling blood attracts predators.
  • The blood of a tarantula does not clot, which means they have no way to stop a bleed once it starts.

Which species of spider lives the longest?

  • brown recluse
  • orb spider
  • tarantula