Is Your Paycheck Worth Your Sanity?
by Staff
Think you've found the perfect job? Are you sure about that? Take this quiz and see if you can spot the red flags that tell you that this may not be the perfect position for you.

Working long hours is bad for your sanity--and your mood. Clocking out close to midnight can increase your risk for depression by how much?

  • 1.5 times
  • 2 times
  • 2.5 times

Working late might also increase your risk of heart disease by what percentage?

  • 40 percent
  • 55 percent
  • 67 percent

According to the Jobs Rated report, which of these was the worst job of 2011?

  • roustabout
  • garbage collector
  • commercial fisherman

What percentage of Americans say work is a major source of their stress?

  • 65 percent
  • 75 percent
  • 85 percent

And how much does on-the-job stress cost employers each year?

  • $100 billion
  • $200 billion
  • $300 billion

What percentage of employees in the U.S. are happy with their jobs?

  • 45 percent
  • 55 percent
  • 65 percent

Which age group is least happy with their jobs?

  • Under 25 years old
  • 30 to 50 years old
  • Over 50 years old

In which of these fields might you expect to find the greatest satisfaction with your paycheck?

  • teacher
  • scientist
  • accountant

This job, which involves compiling and analyzing statistics, has been ranked by The Wall Street Journal as one of the very best career choices.

  • accountant
  • actuary
  • tax examiner

Horrible bosses are one reason people are miserable at work. What percentage of employees surveyed said their boss had actually invaded their privacy?

  • 24 percent
  • 28 percent
  • 32 percent