The Ultimate Spud Gun Quiz
by Staff
You don't need bullets or pellets when you use a spud gun. Mostly, you need … spuds! That's the good news. The bad news is that these devices can be dangerous unless you take proper safety precautions. See what you know about spud guns by taking this quiz.

How fast can a spud gun hurl a projectile?

  • up to 100 miles (160 km) per hour
  • up to 200 miles (322 km) per hour
  • up to 400 miles (643 km) per hour

What sort of objects can a spud gun fire?

  • rubber pellets
  • potatoes and tennis balls
  • bullets

The owner of the Spudgun Technology Center suggests using any projectile as long as it:

  • fits the barrel size
  • doesn't disintegrate
  • conforms to government specifications

One type of spud gun is "combustive." What is the other main type of spud gun?

  • "aluminum"
  • "pneumatic"
  • "vaporous"

What material do they usually make spud guns out of?

  • stainless steel
  • quartz
  • PVC

Which of these are main components of a spud gun?

  • piston and trigger
  • barrel and chamber
  • pedal and knife

What does the sharpened part of the barrel do?

  • It carves the projectile into a conical shape.
  • It shaves off excess potato while you load.
  • It sharpens the potato like a pencil.

In a combustive spud gun, what happens when the flammable vapor is ignited?

  • An explosion creates lots of hot gas under pressure, forcing the projectile out of the barrel.
  • It makes a popping sound and the projectile explodes through the barrel.
  • The potato starts to sizzle and then explode, generating enough energy to hurl forward at great speed.

Unlike the combustive variety that uses flammable vapor, what does the pneumatic spud gun use to create high pressure?

  • compressed air
  • flammable liquid
  • steam

Regarding a spud gun, what is meant by breech loading?

  • You load the potato through the top opening of the gun.
  • You load the potato down the barrel by means of a rod.
  • You open the gun near the chamber and load the potato inside, breech-like.

How is the spud gun ignited?

  • Some gunpowder inside the barrel is ignited using jet fuel.
  • Using two metal points, it ignites like a spark plug in a car.
  • Two matches inside rub together and create a spark.

Why do some spud gun enthusiasts use propane to power it?

  • so as to keep the spud gun environmentally friendly
  • because it doesn't release toxic fumes into the air
  • in order to inject a precise amount of fuel into the chamber using a standard propane tank

Why do some spud guns ignite in two places?

  • They are faulty.
  • Because they have a dual ignition system.
  • So they can hurl two projectiles simultaneously.

Which gun has a larger chamber?

  • a pneumatic spud gun
  • a combustive spud gun
  • both have the same size

As the pressure builds inside a pneumatic gun, what keeps the air inside the chamber?

  • a plug
  • a cap
  • a valve

What gun modification works to stabilize the projectile and put a spin on it?

  • a longer barrel
  • a rifled barrel
  • a rifle-like trigger

Using a glorified spud gun, what was created specially for the United States Department of Agriculture?

  • a massive insecticide sprayer
  • a tornado simulator
  • a powerful vacuum machine

At the annual Punkin Chunkin event, what is used as a projectile?

  • chuck steak
  • pumpkin
  • beets

For safety reasons, which of these should never be used in a spud gun?

  • gasoline and oxygen
  • propane and carbon dioxide
  • hairspray and aerosol deodorant

How does the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms classify spud guns?

  • as firearms under all circumstances
  • not as firearms when used recreationally
  • not as firearms, regardless of the circumstances