The Ultimate Stacked or Side-by-Side Washer-Dryer Quiz
by Staff
The selection of washer-dryer models presents consumers with many options. In choosing a washer-dryer pair that's right for your laundry space, the field is divided between stacked or side-by-side washer-dryer sets. Take this quiz to learn the advantages of each and find the right choice for you.

What are the loading options for washer-dryers?

  • front-loader
  • top-loader
  • both answers

What do the smart sensors installed in washers and dryers do?

  • adjust water level
  • adjust temperature
  • both answers

What is an advantage of a side-by-side model of washer-dryer?

  • stored under a counter
  • more difficult to load
  • less selection

What washer-dryer style has more to choose from?

  • side-by-side
  • stacked
  • both answers

Which washer-dryer style is easier to load?

  • side-by-side top-loader
  • side-by-side front-loader
  • stacked

Why may a consumer prefer a top-loading clothes dryer?

  • easier to load
  • small space
  • more options

What is the main advantage of a stacked washer-dryer pair?

  • compact size
  • low price
  • more options

What washer-dryer style has the most quiet operation?

  • stacked
  • side-by-side top-load
  • side-by-side front-load

Electric dryers require what voltage?

  • 110 volt
  • 120 volt
  • 240 volt

What does planned obsolescence mean?

  • extended product life
  • limited product life
  • products are out of style

How may planned obsolescence benefit consumers?

  • spend more money
  • buy the latest technology
  • neither answer

What powers stacked washer-dryers?

  • electricity
  • gas
  • both answers

Where do stacked units position the washer?

  • top
  • bottom
  • either

Why may a consumer's height be considered when selecting a washer-dryer pair?

  • problem loading a stacked washer
  • problem loading a stacked dryer
  • problem loading a front-loader washer

What are your options if you need a stacked unit now, but maybe want a side-by-side model in the future?

  • You will have to purchase a side-by-side to replace your stacked model.
  • Some front-loaders are designed to be used as side-by-side or stacked.
  • All front-loaders may be stacked.