The Ultimate Stained Glass Quiz
by Staff
A very beautiful art form, stained glass has been around for almost a thousand years. In the 19th century, designers like Tiffany elevated stained glass making into a popular art form, not just a religious one. Take our quiz and see how much you know about the history and technique of stained glass art making.

The art of stained glass making was originated by which early culture?

  • the Israelites
  • the Christians
  • the Egyptians

Early stained glass windows were created for the:

  • pharaohs
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Ming Dynasty

Examples of early stained glass windows created for the Church are:

  • Canterbury Cathedral
  • Chartres Cathedral
  • both of the above

Stained glass can be used for lamps and light fixtures. Kazuhide Yoshikawa created lampshades shaped as:

  • soccer balls
  • boats
  • flowers

The first report of stained glass as an art form is in the:

  • 12th century
  • 18th century
  • 20th century

During which generally stagnant period in European history did the art of making stained glass windows for churches really take off?

  • the Renaissance
  • the Middle Ages
  • the Enlightenment

The oldest existing stained glass window is in:

  • Bulgaria
  • Austria
  • Germany

Which famous decorative glass and lamp maker helped fuel a renewed interest in stained glass making?

  • Louis Comfort Tiffany
  • William Morris
  • both of the above

Louis Comfort Tiffany introduced the_____method to the art of stained glass making.

  • copper tin construction
  • copper foil construction
  • copper metal construction

The main raw material in glass is:

  • silica or sand
  • clay
  • limestone

Which of the following are added to silica when making glass to cause it to melt more slowly?

  • boric acid
  • lime
  • both of the above

_____ are added to the melted silica to give it various colors.

  • Ground mineral oxides
  • Ground metal oxides
  • Ground vitamin oxides

_____is made by using a blowpipe to create a glass cylinder.

  • Molded glass
  • Table glass
  • Blown glass

The home of an upside down stained glass dome is:

  • The Palace of Catalan Music
  • The Palace of Chamber Music
  • The Palace of Choral Music

Table glass is also known as:

  • cathedral glass
  • rolled glass
  • both of the above

Textured or pressed glass is created by a method similar to:

  • table glass
  • blown glass
  • molded glass

A major drawback of colored glass was that it was usually:

  • opaque
  • very brittle
  • very fragile

Molded glass is created using a mold to create glass:

  • jewelry
  • shapes
  • windows

Which of the following is the most important tool of the stained glass artist?

  • a glass hammer
  • a glass cutter
  • a glass blower

Which of the following is a method used by glass artists to modify glass?

  • sandblasting
  • engraving
  • both of the above