The Ultimate Stamped Concrete Quiz
by Staff
Stamped concrete can add a lovely effect to a garden or path. Despite the classy look it adds to your home, stamped concrete paving is affordable and simple enough that you can install it yourself. Have a go at this quiz to see how much you know about working with stamped concrete.

What is another name for stamped concrete?

  • imprinted
  • patterned
  • both of the above

The consistency of the concrete used for stamped concrete is ______ than regular concrete.

  • thinner
  • the same
  • thicker

Why does the concrete used for stamped concrete need to be thinner than regular concrete?

  • so it will not crack
  • so it can be molded
  • so it will dry quicker

What do you need to do before you start your stamped concrete project?

  • Order the stamps.
  • Get council permission.
  • Take time off work.

How should you mark the area in which you will be laying your stamped concrete?

  • Place random objects along the area.
  • Use a permanent marker.
  • Use corner stakes.

You need to dig out the area where you will lay the concrete. How deep should you dig?

  • one inch
  • half a foot
  • one foot

The concrete should be laid with a downward slope. What should the drop be for every foot of length?

  • a quarter-inch
  • a half-inch
  • an inch

What should you place in the dug-out area before you pour the concrete?

  • water
  • wire mesh
  • sheets of metal

What should you coat the forming boards with before laying them down?

  • paint
  • a sealant
  • cooking oil

Where should you begin pouring the concrete?

  • at the lower edge of the hole
  • in the middle of the hole
  • at the upper edge of the hole

What does "screeding" the concrete mean?

  • placing stamps in the concrete
  • painting the concrete
  • smoothing the concrete

How can you keep your concrete looking new?

  • Sweep it regularly.
  • Apply a sealant.
  • Don't walk on it.

In what sort of climate will you need to reseal your concrete more often?

  • wet climates
  • hot climates
  • dry climates

Which feature of stamped concrete offers the most options?

  • color
  • shape
  • texture

What is the problem with coloring your concrete at home?

  • It can get very messy.
  • It might not turn out to be the color you thought.
  • The dye does not penetrate the concrete deeply.