The 'Star Trek' Prime Directive Quiz
by Staff
It is one of the most important rules in the Federation, guiding crews that encounter alien species. How much do you know about the 'Star Trek' Prime Directive?

The Prime Directive is also known as what?

  • Enterprise ROE Number 1
  • United Federation of Planets Regulation 1
  • Starfleet General Order 1

What is the purpose of the Directive?

  • to shield Starfleet members from harm
  • to protect other civilizations
  • to preserve the safety of the Federation

The Directive is primarily meant for civilizations at what level of development?

  • equal to Federation civilizations
  • civilizations less advanced than the Federation
  • civilizations more advanced than the Federation

The Directive indicates that crews are restricted from revealing WHAT to lesser civilizations?

  • references to space
  • identification of self
  • all of the above

In an episode titled "The Omega Glory," Captain Kirk said he would sacrifice WHAT rather than violate the Prime Directive?

  • his career
  • his crew
  • his mom

The Directive isn't really applied consistently in every situation.

  • TRUE

In what year did the Prime Directive officially go into effect?

  • around 2152
  • around 2168
  • around 2177

If Starfleet officers decided to violate the Directive, how did ship logs reflect those decisions?

  • The decision-making process was wiped from the logs.
  • The decision-making process was thoroughly detailed.
  • No one mentioned the violation ever again.

How many episodes were aired before the Prime Directive's first mention?

  • eight
  • 13
  • 20

Captain Picard said that the Prime Directive isn't just rules, it is also WHAT?

  • a mental discipline
  • a spiritual guide
  • a philosophy

What was a potential consequence for officers who violated the Directive?

  • slap on the wrist
  • court martial
  • capital punishment

Which Starfleet captain was the first to face a dilemma that required the guidance of some sort of directive for interacting with other species?

  • Captain Archer
  • Captain Picard
  • Captain Kirk

How did the Omega Directive affect the Prime Directive?

  • It didn't.
  • It overruled the Prime Directive.
  • Officers were required to weigh the consequences of both directives.

The Federation never used the Directive when addressing which species?

  • Humans
  • Romulans
  • Klingons

What were crews supposed to do if individuals or governments were already aware of other species and civilizations?

  • Be quiet on the subject.
  • Help more of the species to understand the scope of the universe.
  • Immediately leave the planet.

Which Starfleet member declared that the Prime Directive is "an absolute?"

  • Spock
  • Captain Kirk
  • Lt. Worf

What could a Starfleet crew do if they received a distress call from a less advanced civilization?

  • possibly help them
  • zoom away at warp speed to avoid detection
  • nothing

How did General Order 24 affect the Prime Directive?

  • The matter has never been addressed.
  • It suspended the Directive.
  • It had no effect.

The Prime Directive did NOT apply to which group?

  • Starfleet junior officers
  • Federation citizens
  • Merchant Marine

The Prime Directive may have been inspired by which real-world event?

  • World War I
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War

How did the Directive allow for Starfleet to help civilizations escape horrible consequences of their own actions?

  • It didn't.
  • It gave crews some leeway.
  • It let them do whatever they could to help civilizations.

Who first concocted the idea of the Prime Directive?

  • Leonard Nimoy
  • Gene Roddenberry
  • Gene Coon

Captain Picard said that history showed that when humans interfered with less advanced civilizations, the results were always WHAT?

  • disastrous
  • disturbing
  • dubious

Captain Kirk might make any exception to the Directive under what condition?

  • A species was enslaved.
  • Disease threatened the culture.
  • The society had beautiful females.

At the end of which season is the Directive finally explicitly explained?

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3

The Prime Directive is a fairly simple and straightforward order.

  • TRUE

Benjamin Sisko was ordered to do everything but violate the Directive in order to bring which species into the Federation?

  • Cardassians
  • Bajorans
  • Antarans

If a society contacted the Federation, an exception could be made to the Directive.

  • TRUE

How do the Nibirans first realize evidence of alien life?

  • They speak with Captain Kirk.
  • They see the Enterprise.
  • Starfleet gives them medical aid.

In one episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," it is noted that Starfleet has allowed what number of civilizations to perish rather than violate the Directive?

  • 30
  • 50
  • 60