The 'Star Trek' Starfleet Quiz
by Staff
This organization is fundamental to one of the most beloved sci-fi series of all time. How much do you know about "Star Trek's" Starfleet?

Starfleet's Nova Squadron was made up of what kinds of service members?

  • weather technicians
  • pilots
  • engineers

Where is Starfleet Headquarters located?

  • California
  • Earth's moon
  • London

Why were Starfleet ships required to undergo occasional baryon sweeps?

  • to kill harmful parasites
  • to reduce radiation levels
  • to eliminate stray organic particles

The primary mission of Starfleet was "…to seek out new life and new" what?

  • technologies
  • civilizations
  • galaxies

How long was the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program?

  • six years
  • six weeks
  • six months

In what year did the first Starfleet vessel launch?

  • 2151
  • 2203
  • 2351

About how many different races are represented in Starfleet?

  • about 60
  • about 90
  • about 150

Members of the United Federation of Planets adhere to the Prime Directive, which prohibits what?

  • prohibits crews from interfering with internal development of other civilizations.
  • prohibits crews from attacking less advanced societies.
  • prohibits crews from offering food to starving aliens.

If a member violates the Prime Directive, what is the crew then allowed to do?

  • wipe out the civilization
  • take action to minimize the damage caused to the civilization
  • use cloaking capabilities to disappear as quickly as possible

For how long did Spock's father refuse to speak to him after he joined Starfleet instead of attending the Vulcan Science Academy?

  • eight years
  • 18 years
  • 28 years

What is the most likely function of the Starfleet Tactical department?

  • weapons procurement
  • defensive strategies
  • offensive operations

What color are the uniforms of Starfleet medical personnel?

  • green
  • red
  • blue

Starfleet Command is also sometimes called what?

  • Starflight Command
  • Spacefleet Command
  • Starwarp Command

Around 2130, Starfleet was integrated with which organization?

  • Starfleet Command
  • United Federation of Planets
  • United Earth Space Probe Agency

Which species (other than human) was the first to earn an officer position within Starfleet?

  • Trills
  • Bajorans
  • Vulcans

Before they can apply to Starfleet Academy, individuals from worlds that are not a part of the Federation must do what?

  • defeat a Starfleet officer in hand-to-hand combat
  • learn to speak English
  • obtain a letter of recommendation from a commander

Where are many of Starfleet's ships constructed?

  • Mare Island
  • San Diego
  • Hawaii

What function does MACO serve aboard Starfleet ships?

  • military assaults
  • medical assistance
  • mortuary work

Most of Starfleet's missions revolve around what?

  • finding new resources to exploit
  • searching for intelligent life
  • defending the Federation from aggressors

Starfleet allows its people to infiltrate and study pre-warp societies so long as they don't do what?

  • so long as they don't kill the native species
  • so long as they don't interact directly with the species
  • so long as they don't leave behind advanced technologies

What does Starfleet Directive 010 instruct a crew to do?

  • never use warp drive near black holes
  • attempt to talk to aliens before shooting them
  • negotiate the best possible price when trading in deep space

Where was the Starfleet ship USS Voyager constructed?

  • Pluto
  • Mars
  • San Francisco

Starfleet General Order 0 permits a ship's captain to do what?

  • defend a powerless species against cruel overlords
  • destroy Omega particles
  • make out with beautiful alien women

Where was McKinley Station, which was used primarily by Starfleet?

  • Mars orbit
  • Earth orbit
  • Delta Quadrant

What is the duration of the Starfleet officer training program?

  • two years
  • four years
  • six years

Which Starfleet captain was sent to confront the Xindi after they killed millions of humans on Earth?

  • Captain Archer
  • Captain Kirk
  • Captain Piccard

The Starfleet Marine Corps handles what kind of military engagements?

  • sea assaults
  • ground assaults
  • mountain assaults

In what year did Starfleet fall under the authority of the Federation?

  • 2208
  • 2341
  • 2161

The USS Armstrong belongs to which class of Starfleet ship?

  • Challenger class
  • Columbia class
  • Galaxy class

What was the supposed name for Starfleet's secretive special operations group?

  • Black Squad
  • Supernova Unit
  • Section 31