'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Quiz
by Staff
So you've seen finally seen the latest "Star Wars" movie — maybe more than once. (If you haven't don't take this quiz!) But how well do you know it?

What is Finn's Stormtrooper designation?

  • FP-2177
  • FN-2871
  • FN-2187

Who does BB-8 belong to?

  • Rey
  • Poe Dameron
  • Finn

What was Kylo Ren's previous name?

  • Anakin
  • Ben
  • Jacen

What vehicle does Rey hope to use to escape the First Order on Jakku?

  • Millennium Falcon
  • TIE fighter
  • a Quad Jumper

Who did Unkar Plutt steal the Millennium Falcon from?

  • Han Solo
  • Ducain
  • the Irving Boys

What kind of cargo was Han Solo hauling on his freighter when he met up with Rey, Finn and BB-8?

  • mynocks
  • rathtars
  • gr'apthars

What currency is Rey paid for the junk she scavenges on Jakku?

  • credits
  • daktaris
  • food rations

What two gangs of thugs confront Han Solo on his freighter?

  • Guavian Death Gang and Kanjiklub
  • Irving Boys and Kanjiklub
  • Garindans and Irving Boys

How long has Maz Kanata run her watering hole on the planet Takodana?

  • 800 years
  • 1,000 years
  • 1,200 years

Who disables the shields on Starkiller Base?

  • Captain Phasma
  • Han Solo
  • Finn

What rank insignia does Leia wear on her vest at the Resistance base?

  • admiral
  • general
  • She doesn't wear one.

What Jakku scavenger captures BB-8 while riding his luggabeast?

  • Sarco Plank
  • Unkar
  • Teedo

What makes BB-8 valuable to so many people?

  • his unique color scheme
  • the map data he is carrying
  • his data processing capabilities

What is the name of the settlement on Jakku where Unkar Plutt conducts his business?

  • sinking fields
  • Tuanul village
  • Niima Outpost

What is Hux's rank in the First Order?

  • general
  • admiral
  • supreme leader

Who completes the mission Poe Dameron was on when he went to Jakku?

  • BB-8
  • Finn
  • Rey

What homemade toy is inside the AT-AT that Rey lives in on Jakku?

  • a model Star Destroyer
  • a podracer
  • a doll

What nickname does han Solo use for Finn?

  • Big Deal
  • Big Daddy
  • Finny

During a scene in the Resistance command center, a droid is paged over the intercom. Which droid is it?

  • B-U4D
  • PZ-4CO
  • C-3PO

When Rey sets out to search for Luke Skywalker, who goes with her?

  • only Chewbacca
  • Chewbacca and BB-8
  • Chewbacca and R2-D2

When did R2-D2 go into standby mode?

  • when Luke Skywalker went into hiding
  • when BB-8 took over many of his duties
  • after the Battle of Endor

Why did C-3PO think Han Solo might not recognize him?

  • It had been several years since they'd seen each other.
  • He thought Han wasn't all that smart.
  • His arm was red.

What part of BB-8 did Rey repair when she met the droid?

  • a bad motivator
  • a bent antenna
  • his selenium power drive

How many of Unkar's thugs did Rey fend off when they tried to steal BB-8?

  • four
  • three
  • two

What's the first word spoken in "The Force Awakens"?

  • "this"
  • "you"
  • "here"

Where does Finn want to go after he visits Maz Kenata's castle with Rey and Han Solo?

  • Bothawui
  • Corellia
  • the Outer Rim

How does Maz Kanata refer to Chewbacca?

  • her BFF
  • her boyfriend
  • her favorite

When Rey, Finn and Solo show up at Maz's castle with BB-8, who is notified by an informant of their location?

  • the First Order
  • the Resistance
  • both the First Order and the Resistance

Who convinces Supreme Leader Snoke that the Starkiller Base weapon should be used?

  • General Hux
  • Kylo Ren
  • Captain Phasma

Which system is destroyed by Starkiller Base?

  • the Anoat system
  • the Hosnian system
  • the Hadrian system