The Ultimate Starving a Fever Quiz
by Staff
You've heard it before – stuff a cold and starve a fever – but is this sound medical advice? Where did this bizarre treatment method come from anyway and what really happens to your body when you starve a fever? Take this quiz and learn about the effects of starving a fever.

Where does the idea “to starve a fever” originate?

  • ancient Greece
  • during the Great Depression
  • from doting mothers of the 1950s

What do modern day physicians recommended in terms of diet and a fever?

  • fasting
  • reduced diet
  • normal diet

Your ancestors were misguided in their treatment of fevers because they had a poor understanding of:

  • body temperature
  • the effects of nutrition
  • both of the above

A fever constitutes a body temperature increase of at least:

  • 1 degree Fahrenheit
  • 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 2 degrees Fahrenheit

What body temperature is considered a high-grade fever?

  • above 101 degrees Fahrenheit
  • above 102 degrees Fahrenheit
  • above 103 degrees Fahrenheit

Besides a viral or bacterial illness, what types of medical conditions cause a fever?

  • cancer and inflammatory bowel disease
  • heat exhaustion and multiple sclerosis
  • both of the above

What part of the brain is responsible for body temperature?

  • the thalamus
  • the hypothalamus
  • the cerebellum

How does a fever fight off infection?

  • The heat kills bacteria.
  • The heat stimulates the production of antibodies.
  • both of the above

Which Greek philosopher theorized about a link between diet and fever?

  • Plato
  • Aristotle
  • Socrates

Besides starving a fever, what was another misinformed fever remedy of the 19th century?

  • ingesting castor oil
  • bloodletting
  • both of the above

What does starving a fever actually do to your body?

  • decreases your immune system
  • causes gastrointestinal problems
  • both of the above

What were the consequences of starving a fever in previous centuries?

  • death
  • a lengthy virus and complications
  • both of the above

Eating a good diet when you have a fever results in:

  • a better ability to kill foreign invaders
  • a healthier gastrointestinal system
  • both of the above

What is gamma interferon?

  • a chemical messenger
  • a type of invader cell
  • an antibody that kills invader cells

Why don't you feel hungry when you are sick?

  • due to hypothalamus controls
  • due to gastrointestinal issues
  • either of the above

During the flu season, you should:

  • continue with your low-calorie diet
  • slightly increase the food intake of your low-calorie diet
  • discontinue your low-calorie diet

What should you drink when you are sick?

  • water
  • flat lemon-lime soda
  • either of the above

How much liquid should you drink when you have a fever?

  • as much as you possibly can
  • only very small amounts
  • start off small and gradually increase intake

What should you eat when you have a fever?

  • anything you want
  • only carbohydrates
  • only carbohydrates or protein

Try to each food rich in __________ when you have a fever.

  • vitamins B6 and B12
  • zinc
  • both of the above