Stay-at-home Mom Budgeting Quiz
by Staff
Stay-at-home moms make plenty of sacrifices for their kids, including giving up potential career growth in order to devote more time and energy to parenting. But without this extra income, many stay-at-home moms struggle to make this life work. Take our quiz to see what you know about budgeting strategies for such situations.

According to the U.S. Census, how many stay-at-home moms were there in the United States in 2010?

  • 3 million
  • 4 million
  • 5 million

How should you handle holidays and birthdays while on a budget?

  • don’t celebrate them
  • prepare for them in advance by budgeting for them and buying gifts on sale throughout the year
  • forget the budget during these special occasions

Which of the following budgeting steps should you do first?

  • cut spending
  • determine how much you can save each month
  • find out where your money goes

What is generally cheaper?

  • making meals at home
  • buying prepared meals at the grocery store
  • eating out

According to author Jennifer Reese, which of the following is more expensive to make at home?

  • cream cheese
  • bagels
  • yogurt

Which of the following is not a smart way to save money with coupons?

  • using a coupon for cheaper laundry detergent than you usually use
  • using a coupon for pork when it makes it cheaper than the chicken you usually buy
  • using a coupon for doughnuts when you don’t normally buy sweets

According to a 2007 U.S. Census report, what are stay-at-home mom’s more likely to be?

  • older and natural-born citizens
  • younger and foreign-born
  • neither of the above

According to, which of the following is most economical to grow per square foot of land?

  • cilantro
  • garlic
  • cabbage

What should you ask yourself before buying any product?

  • Do I need this?
  • Can I make this at home for cheaper?
  • both of the above

Which of the following is generally cheaper per gram of protein?

  • steak
  • chicken breast
  • hamburger