The Ultimate Store Coupons Quiz
by Staff
We all love saving money. Coupons help by allowing you to use a free slip of paper that you cut out of a newspaper as though it were actual money. Of course that means you have to buy that specific brand, but that's a price worth paying. Do you know how coupons work? Take this quiz to learn more about coupons and how they work.

What is the basic function of a coupon?

  • They offer savings and help increase sales.
  • They motivate stores to sell certain products.
  • They help fill up space in magazines.

How do you redeem a coupon?

  • You mail them in, and then the company mails you some cash.
  • You take them to a bank, and then the bank deposits that amount into your checking account.
  • You use them, same as cash, to pay for an item.

How often, typically, are coupons sent to a store's headquarters?

  • once a day
  • once a week
  • once a month

Big chain stores are collecting how much money in coupons per week?

  • thousands of dollars
  • millions of dollars
  • billions of dollars

What is the first step a store must take when counting coupon sales?

  • The coupon redemptions must be factored into the store's sales.
  • The coupons must be counted one by one
  • The coupons must be sorted by value.

How do coupon clearinghouses usually sort through coupons?

  • by hand
  • by computer
  • by robot

The first step in the clearinghouse's sorting process is to separate the coupons by which of these categories?

  • date
  • dollar value
  • manufacturer

The code on a coupon that indicates its value is called what?

  • a UPC code
  • a PIN code
  • an rot13 code

The total value of coupons whose UPC codes are intact is usually tallied how?

  • by hand and calculator
  • by scanner and conveyer belt
  • by abacus

About how long does the entire process of clearing coupons take?

  • a month
  • six months
  • a year

Approximately how much money do stores receive from manufactures for processing a coupon?

  • 0.02
  • 0.08
  • 0.15

When is the most economical time to use a coupon?

  • Use coupons on the weekends, when fewer people are shopping.
  • Use a coupon to buy a product already on sale.
  • Use a coupon the day you find it.

After the coupon values have been tallied up by the clearinghouse, where do the coupons go?

  • They are destroyed by the clearing house.
  • They are sent to the manufacturer.
  • They are recycled.

When collecting coupons you should keep an eye out for which of these?

  • fakes
  • expiration dates
  • cool pictures

To which of these countries do U.S. clearing houses often outsource their excess work?

  • Israel
  • Australia
  • Mexico