'Stranger Things' Quiz
by Staff
The 1980s come alive in this cleverly crafted Netflix series. How much do you know about 'Stranger Things'?

In which U.S. state is the show set?

  • Illinois
  • Ohio
  • Indiana

True or False: Hawkins, Indiana is a real place.

  • true
  • false

What role did the Duffer Brothers have in the making of "Stranger Things"?

  • writing
  • casting
  • costume design

In what year does the first season take place?

  • 1981
  • 1983
  • 1988

How old is Will Byers when he disappears?

  • 10 years old
  • 11 years old
  • 12 years old

Which character does Millie Bobby Brown play?

  • Barb
  • Eleven
  • Joyce

How many boys auditioned for parts in the show?

  • more than 400
  • more than 200
  • more than 900

To prepare the child actors for their parts, the Duffer Brothers required them to watch which film?

  • "The Goonies"
  • "Star Wars"
  • "Stand by Me"

What role did Shawn Levy have in the show's creation?

  • casting
  • executive producer
  • composer

How many episodes are there in the show's first season?

  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

What is the name of the font used for the show's title sequence?

  • AK Light
  • ITC Benguiat
  • MT Light

Natalia Dyer plays which of the show's characters?

  • Nancy
  • Karen
  • Joyce

Which of the show's characters is affected by cleidocranial dysplasia?

  • Mike
  • Will
  • Dustin

What skill does Jonathan Byers have?

  • plumbing
  • photography
  • writing

The boys in the show like to meet to play which game?

  • Monopoly
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Atari

What is the name of the girl who has psychokinetic powers?

  • Eleven
  • Twelve
  • Ellen

In addition to Will, which other character disappears in Season 1?

  • Caleb
  • Barb
  • Lonnie

What sort of food does Eleven shoplift from the grocery store?

  • bratwurst
  • bananas
  • frozen waffles

The character Mike Wheeler is played by which actor?

  • Finn Wolfhard
  • Gaten Matarazzo
  • Charlie Heaton

How did Eleven obtain her superhuman powers?

  • drugs
  • radiation
  • evolution

What is the Upside Down?

  • a monster's home
  • alternate dimension
  • type of cake

Which of the boys is especially wary of Eleven's motives?

  • Dustin
  • Lucas
  • Mike

In order to save Will, what sort of contraption do the boys decide to build?

  • sensory deprivation tank
  • time machine
  • a Faraday cage

How does Joyce begin communicating with her missing son?

  • Christmas lights
  • Ouija board
  • cell phone

In which episode is Will's body discovered at the local quarry?

  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 7

How did Chief Hopper's daughter die?

  • cancer
  • car accident
  • influenza

How does Eleven first prove to the other boys that Will is still alive?

  • through a walkie-talkie
  • through a ham radio
  • through an FM radio

What happens to Eleven when she uses her special powers?

  • She's temporarily blinded.
  • Her nose bleeds.
  • She gets headaches.

Which of the boys notices that compasses don't seem to work properly in certain areas of town?

  • Lucas
  • Mike
  • Dustin

In the final episode of the first season, what happens to Will?

  • He coughs up a scary creature.
  • He makes out with Eleven.
  • He peacefully goes to sleep.