The Stress Relief Quiz
by Staff
Stress and anxiety, particularly the chronic kind, can have an awful impact on your quality of life. How much do you know about stress and ways to relieve it?

Chronic stress can make you how much more likely to die prematurely?

  • maybe twice as likely
  • maybe three times as likely
  • maybe five times as likely

How do humans typically respond to stress?

  • by taking Xanax
  • with a parasympathetic response
  • with a fight-or-flight response

If you tend to eat more when you are stressed out, what should you do?

  • Let yourself indulge until the stress passes.
  • Keep healthy snacks nearby.
  • Restrict yourself to three full meals per day.

Cortisol is often called what?

  • the "Inflammation" Hormone
  • the "Stress" Hormone
  • the "Sleep" Hormone

How does caffeine intake affect cortisol?

  • It doesn't.
  • It elevates cortisol levels.
  • It dampens cortisol effects.

Experts recommend you should exercise about how long each day to gain some stress-relief benefits of physical exertion?

  • about 15 minutes
  • about 30 minutes
  • about 1 hour

"The Relaxation Response" is a book about what?

  • massage
  • how exercise beats back stress
  • meditation

Which factor most often contributes to very high stress in peoples' lives?

  • Children
  • Health problems
  • Finances

The hormone cortisol is often associated with cravings for what kind of foods?

  • foods high in fiber
  • foods high cholesterol
  • foods high in sugar, salt and fat

What is one of the first and most common signs that a person is experiencing high stress?

  • Your hair falls out.
  • You can't sleep.
  • You never eat.

How can applying pressure to the area at the base of your middle and pointing fingers reduce stress?

  • It helps improve your lymph node function.
  • It triggers a specific nerve.
  • It gives you something to do other than worry.

What's one major reason you shouldn't use alcohol to help you sleep?

  • You'll quickly develop a dependency.
  • Alcohol actually disturbs sleep.
  • You'll have to urinate in the middle of the night.

Feel-good music can trigger the release of what?

  • cortisol
  • adrenaline
  • dopamine

If overspending stresses you out, how can you immediately address the problem?

  • Get a second job.
  • Get an extra credit card.
  • Withdraw a set amount of cash once per week.

Some experts say that to lower stress, you should listen to music that has how many beats per minute?

  • 180 beats per minute
  • 60 beats per minute
  • 45 beats per minute

60 bpm music is associated with an increase in which brainwaves?

  • Alpha waves
  • Beta waves
  • Delta waves

What is pranayama?

  • controlled breathing
  • careful stretching
  • sleeping meditation

If you suffer chronic stress, you're more likely to become sick.

  • TRUE

To make sure you're rested enough to deal with stress (and life in general) how much sleep should you get each night?

  • at least 6 hours
  • at least 7 hours
  • at least 8 hours

How does temporarily withdrawing from your social group help you deal with stress?

  • It improves your blood pressure.
  • It doesn't.
  • It helps you learn to deal with stress on your own.

Biofeedback helps you learn to control what?

  • neck and shoulder muscles
  • your mind
  • bodily functions

How does laughter help improve your body's response to stress?

  • increases oxygen intake
  • lowers endorphins
  • counteracts cortisol

If you know you're going to encounter a stressful situation, how should you handle it?

  • Visit your doctor.
  • Avoid it, if possible.
  • Prepare.

Why can eating a banana help lower your stress level?

  • The yellow color is soothing.
  • Potassium aids blood pressure.
  • Bananas are hilarious.

If you have a lot of stress, you might benefit from what?

  • drugs
  • plants
  • a litter of kittens

How do you begin a session of Progressive Muscle Relaxation?

  • Clench your eyes shut.
  • Tighten a specific muscle group.
  • Let all of your muscles become as relaxed as possible.

Why does massage help reduce stress?

  • Massage relaxes the brain.
  • No one is sure exactly.
  • It releases specific hormones.

What is "guided imagery?"

  • focusing your mind on a peaceful or happy scene
  • looking at online puppy pictures
  • drawing pictures to relieve your stress

How long before bedtime should you put away your digital devices?

  • 1 hour
  • 30 minutes
  • It doesn't matter.

On average, studies show that women worry more than men.

  • TRUE