The Ultimate Structural Insulated Panels Quiz
by Staff
Keeping extreme cold or heat outside is the main purpose of a house, so insulation is a key consideration when planning home construction. Building using structural insulated panels (SIPs) is a hot trend, enjoying a comeback in popularity.

What is at the center of most structural insulated panels (SIPs)?

  • foam core
  • fiberglass
  • polyester

When was the first foam-filled SIP created?

  • in the 1930s
  • in 1952
  • between 1978 and 1981

What does the term CAD refer to?

  • computer aided design
  • cross-angled design
  • computer altered density

What made construction using SIPs temporarily popular in the 1970s?

  • the energy crisis
  • rising homeowners taxes
  • the discovery of new insulation materials

How does polyurethane compare with expanded polystyrene as a material for an SIP foam core?

  • It is more expensive but a better insulator.
  • It is cheaper, but more flammable.
  • It is more water resistant and a better flame retardant.

What substance is sometimes used as a more eco-friendly core for SIPs?

  • compressed straw
  • sawdust
  • shredded newsprint

How are houses built out of SIPs wired for electricity?

  • The wires are fed through special channels in the wall.
  • Wires run along the edges of the walls and are then plastered over.
  • All wiring must be run under the flooring.

Why do SIP houses often use gypsum board on the inside?

  • as a fire retardant
  • for decoration
  • to strengthen the walls

What is one of the major benefits of building with SIPs?

  • It is highly customizable.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It is readily available in most areas of the world.

What might cost more in a house built from SIPs?

  • building materials
  • labor
  • waste on the construction site

What is the most important thing to look out for when building a house out of SIPs?

  • to keep it airtight
  • to ensure that the walls do not directly touch the ground
  • to make sure that the panels do not get wet

How can you prevent mold from growing in an SIP house?

  • by installing the proper ventilation system
  • by painting the inside with lacquer paint
  • by leaving minute gaps between the different panels

What type of trees produce the wood that is typically used for the outer layers of SIP?

  • quick-growing softwood
  • inexpensive hardwood
  • lightweight cork

Where should you place nails for hanging pictures in a house built from SIPs?

  • anywhere on the wall
  • only at seams between panels
  • in the top third of the wall

How can SIP construction extend the building season?

  • Once the shell is constructed, workers can work inside even during cold weather.
  • They are easy to produce, so changes can be accommodated quickly.
  • They are water resistant, so construction can take place in rainy weather, too.